10 Richest Cities of Asia in 2013



With the fast pace of life these days, many Asian cities are working intelligently and efficiently in order to overcome numerous economic problems faced by the world. So far we have discussed the richest cities of the world, now narrowing down our search, let’s check out how some Asian cities make money and help in increasing the GDP of their areas. You will be amazed to find out the top 10 richest cities of Asia in 2013! Enjoy!


1) Tokyo




Country: Japan
GDP: $1,520 Billion
Area: 2,187.6 square kilometers




Tokyo is the capital of Japan and the richest city of Asia. Tokyo is one of the three command centers of the world economy and hosts 51 of the 500 Fortune Companies. The city has the largest metropolitan economy of the world and is considered to be a ‘metropolitan perfecture’. Tokyo has a huge industry of electronics, telecommunication, publication. It acts as a financial center of the world and hub of all major investment banks and insurance companies.


2) Seoul




Country: South Korea
GDP: $779.3 Billion
Area: 605.21 square kilometers



Seoul, Seoul Special City, is the capital and metropolis of South Korea. Its main attractions are the war Memorial, Namsan Park, Changdeokgung Palace and the South Korea Tower. Seoul’s has great industries of embody electronic, textile and iron and production. Seoul generates 21% GDP of the country by being the hub of Samsung, LG, Kia, Hyundai and SK. A large number of international companies have their headquarters in Seoul.


3) Osaka




Country: Japan
GDP: $654.8 Billion
Area: 552.25 square kilometers



Osaka is the third largest city of Japan by population and second largest city of Japan by GDP. Osaka has one of the most productive hinterlands in the world. It still houses leading futures exchange and has headquarters of the major companies such as Panasonic, Sharp and Sanyo. Its main industries are metal, textile and plastic.


4)  Shanghai




Country: China
GDP: $516.5 Billion
Area: 6,340.5 square kilometers



Shanghai is the largest city of China by population. It is a major financial center and the most running container port in the world. It is also an exclusive tourist destination with many historic landmarks. Shanghai plays a vital role in the heavy industries of China and has a large number of industrial zones and automotive corporations.


5)  Taipei




Country: Republic of China (Taiwan)
GDP: $ 466.6 Billion
Area: 271.7997 square kilometers



Taipei is the capital of Taiwan. It is a political, economic and cultural center of Taiwan. It has a creditor economy having the world’s largest foreign exchange reserves. It is considered to be a global city since it has high production of technology and its components. Taipei is the main industrial area of Taiwan with major secondary and tertiary industries.


6) Hong Kong


hong kong


GDP: $351.119 Billion
Area: 1,104 square kilometers




Hong Kong is very famous for its expansive skyline and deep natural harbor. It is the most densely populated area of the world. It is the center of modern architecture and is the most vertical city of the world. Hong Kong is one of the world’s leading international financial centers therefore it has a capitalist service economy characterized by low taxation and free trade. Since it is a service-driven economy, its service sector accounts for 90% of its GDP.


7)  Singapore




GDP: $327.557 Billion
Area: 710 square kilometers




Singapore, Republic of Singapore, is an island city-state in Southeast Asia. It is one of the world’s fourth-leading financial centers and has one of the five busiest ports of the world. Singapore has a very well developed market economy. It is the 14th largest exporter and 15th largest importer of the world. It has the world’s second biggest casino gambling market. It has one of the world’s top three oil refining centers and is also a largest oil-rig producer and a major ship-repairer. Tourism industry of Singapore contributes a lot to its GDP.


8) Bangkok




Country: Thailand
GDP: $ 412. 887 Billion
Area: 1,568.737 square kilometers



Bangkok is the capital and densely populated city of Thailand. It is the economic center of Thailand. Bangkok is the heart of country’s investment and development. Wholesale, retail trade and tourism are the major contributors of the country’s economic development.


9) Kuala Lumpur


kuala lumpur


Country: Malaysia
GDP: $192 Billion
Area: 243 square kilometers



Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia and has the largest population of the country. It is the center of finance, insurance, real estate, media, wholesale and retail trade and arts. It has one of the tallest twin buildings in the world, the Petronas Twin Towers, which is an iconic symbol for Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur is the only global city in Malaysia. Tourism plays a vital role in the country’s service-driven economy.


10) Beijing




Country: China
GDP: $ 174 Billion
Area: 16,801.25 square kilometers



Beijing is the capital of People’s Republic of China and has one of the largest populations of the world. It is the political, cultural and educational center of China. Beijing is home to 41 Fortune Global 500 Companies and its tertiary industry accounts to 73.2% of its GDP. It is famous for its entrepreneurs, high growth start-up companies, real estate and automobiles.

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