10 Richest Celebrities Who Fly on their Private Jets

richest celebrities private jetsLife changes when you become rich, and when you turn into a billionaire, it is almost a new world for you.  We have been discussing much about the richest celebrities in the world, focusing on their lifestyle and have been sharing their success stories. It is interesting to see that almost all the richest people in the world are having their private jets to fly, making the right use of money by investing on something as expensive as a private jet.

Here are those ten richest celebrities who travel on their private jets!

1)Donald Trump

Private Jet: Boeing 727-23

Boeing 727-23

The son of a millionaire who was a real estate developer and long time fan of world wrestling entertainment, is an American business tycoon, author, hosted Wrestle-Mania IV and V, is actually a chairman and President of The Trump Organization and the Trump Entertainment Resort, besides he is also one of the well-known celebrities. Starting with the revitalization of houses he is now on his way of establishing hotels and towers with flawless architecture. His net worth is controversial but you can make a guess out of his furnishing details as the bold shining Trump logo is not painted but is actually a 23 carat gold plate. The luxurious interior with soft leathery armchairs and gold plated belts ensure the safe comfortable journey.

2)Mark Cuban

Private Jet: 767-277

Boeing 767-277

A graduate of Indiana University is a tech entrepreneur, is a founder of Broadcast.com and an owner of Dallas Mavericks which is a Basket Ball franchise. He built most of his fortune by selling his computer counseling business, ‘MicroSolutions’ to CompuServe in 1990 and then turning into billionaire after selling Broadcom.com to Yahoo.com in $5.9 billion. Cuban bought Boeing 767-277 which is operated by Pace Airlines, for his players where few seats are custom made for players.

3)Tom Cruise

Private Jet: Gulfstream IV

Gulfstream IV

Seems like people have forgotten a religious youngster and a Franciscan student, Thomas Cruise Mapother IV ho wanted to be a priest has now turned out to be the three times winner of Academy Awards and Golden Globe Awards as a full-fledge movie star. He is one of the highest paid actors with net worth over $270 million. His love for planes has triggered probably after he played a topnotch naval fighter jet pilot as he now has his own Gulfstream IV that can go upto7,820 kilometers and accommodating around 19 passengers, taking them as high as 45,000 feet.


Private Jet: Bombardier Challenger 850 Learjet

Bombardier Challenger 850 Learjet

One of the most influential and financially stable hip-hop artist reigning rapper of New York City, record producer, and entrepreneur is also a husband of Beyonce, one of the richest and successful female musicians. Bombardier Challenger 850 Learjet is almost $40 million gift to Jay-Z by Beyonce, she really knows how to please a man. The interior has 2 bathrooms, bedroom and a kitchen.

5)Bill Gates

Private Jet: Bombardier BD-700 Global Express

Bombardier BD-700 Global Express

A devoted passionate techie and an intelligent businessman, Bill Gates has given a new direction by founding Microsoft and during his career he held the position of chief software architect and has become a largest individual share holder, with 6.4% of the common stock. He owns Bombardier BD-700 Global Express which travels with a speed of light, covering a range of 9,300 kilometers with in a blink of an eye. The cutting edge avionics has made it possible to touch the skies within seconds.

6)Sergey Brin and Larry Page

Private Jet: Boeing 767-200

Boeing 767-200

The obnoxious friends who turned into soul mates in Stanford University have founded Google that made them unbelievably wealthy and now they are cruising in the skies in their heavier and executive jet. Now NASA’s-run airport seems like a next spot of Google as they recently spend over $25 million and now they are the only private jet individual owners who were able to purchase landing right in NASA’s exclusive Moffet Field.

7)Oprah Winfrey

Private Jet: Bombardier Global Express XRS

Bombardier Global Express XRS

Surely she does not need an introduction; the queen of words seems to be lucky for everything she endorsed because it turns into a surefire blockbuster hit. Her private jet is powered by twin Rolls Royce engines that can flight as high as 51,000 feet.

8)Elvis Presley

Private Jet: Convair 880

Convair 880

Whatever it is rock and roll, country, gospel, or pop he is best and a flawless solo artist of all time. He purchased Convair 880 and named it over his daughter’s name, Lisa Marie. The place houses master bedroom, other sleeping quarters, conference room, bathroom with gold tub and faucets and state of art-audio-video system.

9)John Travolta

Private Jet: Boeing 707-138

Boeing 707-138

You must have seen him cruising over the roads in the movie; The boy in the Plastic Bubble but he is also a honorary pilot of Qantas, the Australian airlines. He has always been known to be nuts for flying and finally he own one of his private jet to cruise in the skies.

10)Jim Carrey

Private Jet: Gulfstream V

Gulfstream V

The passion of flying has no limits and who can understand this better than the man who gave pleasantry look to comedy speeches. His talent can be seen in his different plays that include the famous cartoon “The Mask” and “Dumb and Dumber”. Not only has Carry been a passionate actor he has shown his interest in flying as well and is an owner of a jet craft Gulfstream V that can travel at nearly speed of 1 Mach and costs about $60 million.

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