Top 10 Richest Car Racers in 2012

racers and money in 2012It is merely a blessing when you  actually start earning with what you are obsessed with, if its your love for cars, then, you can earn more than your imaginations. While researching on the topic, it was seen that these heroes are not only winning the hearts of their fans but are also generating some real wealth with their passion.

Have a look on the following richest Car Racers and learn from  how to make money with something you love.

1. Bernie Ecclestone

Net Worth: $4.3 Billion

Though he gave up racing many times but his invention of F1 in 1952 with Fred Campton has found the best drivers from round the world. He initially started by selling spare motorbike parts. Compton & Eccleston are the Britain biggest motorcycle dealers. Twicw the F1 drivers died and he gave up racing but later he returned again with the spirit and then on with splendid drivers like Niki Lauda, his career in F1 began to blossom and he founded Formula One Constructor Association, he made large donations to the party to settle the dispute of F1 giving eight year cool down thereby F1 suffered a dent to their reputation.

2. Michael Schumacher

Net Worth: $400 Million

Some do not need boundaries of age to prove them . Schumacher, at the age of six won his first Karting club championship with his kart, which his dad made for him through discarded parts, is now one of the greatest F1 drivers of all time who ever lived and is a seven-time world Champion. He is driving for Mercedes Team. He is the only F1 driver who made in the top three in every race with most constant podium finishes. He is a spokesman for driver safety, and finally he is going to retire from Formula one.

3. Dale Earnhardt

Net Worth: $300 Million

Earnhardt, following the footsteps of his father, was a race car driver who was famously known as the intimidator due to his hostile driving style. He had a keen interest and involvement in stock car racing for NASCAR and had been one of the NASCAR’s 50 greatest and most popular drivers. He died in 2001 due to injury to head in one of his race when his car crashed into the wall with the speed of 68-71km/h. He used to drive black and red No 3 car and since then No 3 is one of the famous logos in North American motor racing.

4. Johnny Dumfries

Net Worth: $180 Million

One more time F1 Scottish driver, descendent of the British prime minister and belong to the richest family has felt the torque of speed without using the fame and fortune by his family. He started as a van driver and earned the money for his first race in Formula Ford 1600, later on in 1985 he was entitled as Ferrari test driver he continued and ended his career in racing with Toyota factory sports car team and has been crowned British Formula three champion after winning 14 races and is running a family business

5. Eddie Irvine

Net Worth: $128 Million

Irvin is the owner of Eddie Irvin sports and is a former racing driver, fierce competitor from Northern Ireland and has also been involved in motor racing   due to the inspiration from the parents who hold the same interest. He has been working together with Jordan, Ferrari, and Jaguar and was the only driver of F1 who get the Jaguar to the podium. He was crowned with the nick names of “Steady Eddie” and “Fast Eddie” due to his aggressive and reckless driving in Ferrari team.

6. Lewis Hamilton

Net Worth: $88 Million

When you believe in you, nothing can stop you to accomplish your dream and Hamilton has proved it. At the age of ten he went to the McLaren principal Ron Dennis at the sports award ceremony and said to him, “I want to race for you one day.. I want to race for McLaren” and finally with his devotion he drove for McLaren since 2007. He is the youngest British sportsman and is also a British Formula One racing car driver who was 2008 F1 World Champion and is labeled as “the first black driver in formula one”. He drove in 105 races and out of which he won 20 with 48 podium finishes.

7. Jenson Button

Net Worth: $85 Million

He is one of the gems of F1 who is driving for McLaren, and is known for having very smooth driving style. Out of 223 races he won 14 with total career points of 942. He started karting at the age of eight and by the age of nine the wonder kid came first in the British Super Prix, at the age of 18 he stepped into car racing and up till now has 48 podium finishes. In 1998 he was crowned with annual McLaren Auto sport BRDC Young Driver Award.

8. Dave Richards

Net Worth: $82 Million

He is the principal of Bar and Benetton Formula One motor racing team. He was the youngest to hold private pilot’s license in Whales at the age of 17 years. He left his A-Level and began his career a rally co-driver which was short but successful and won his first national rally championship in 1974.

9. Nigel Mansell

Net Worth: 82 Million

Mansell, a British most successful F1 racing driver and was the only one who won the CART title in his debuted season where he won F1 World Championship in 1992 and CART lindy Car World Series in 1993. He is the only one who won 31 victories and 59 podium finishes, and is 4th overall on the F1 winners list. He was also ranked as 24th on top drivers of all time by ESPN.

10. Fernando Alonso

Net Worth: $80 Million

A wonder kid, who from the age of 3, started karting and had won three consecutive karting champion ship from 1994-97, has won two time World Champion and recently driving for Scuderia Ferrari and is known to be greatest F1 driver to have competed in the sport. Out of 193 races he had 30 victories and 81 podium finishes.

The birth of F1 has collected gems of the world and evoked the passion of racing. All what you need to do is find your best interest, excel in it and find a worth place to prove it.


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