Top 10 Richest Businessmen of Asia in 2013

richest businessmen 2013It’s a human nature that we idealize people we want to turn into and if you are looking forward to lead a successful business and enjoy a luxurious life through your earnings, you really need to study about the richest businessmen around the world and learn from their experiences and interests.

Here are ten richest businessmen of Asia in 2013.

1)Li Ka-Shing

li ka_shing
Net Worth: $25.5Billion
Presently, he is the chairperson of Hutchison Whampoa Limited (HWL) and Cheung Kong
Holding. He is the richest person in Asia with total assets accumulating wealth of $25.5 billion. Currently he operates one of the largest container terminals in the world and also the largest health and beauty retailer of the world. He owns multinational companies in 53 different countries and more than enormous amount of 2lac 70 thousand people work under the umbrella of his organization throughout the globe.

2)Mukesh Ambani

Net Worth: $22.3Billion
Mukesh was born on April 19, 1957 in Aden (City of Yemen). He was former Asia’s richest
person last year however struck with ongoing inflation and rift with Indian oil ministry he has
stepped down on two this year in the richest list of Asia. He is owner of reliance India which is believed to be the most valuable company and growing company of India. From textile to crude oil reliance is enjoying unchallenged business and place since ages and still manages to keep their place intact.

3)Lakhsmi Mittal

lakshmi mittal

Net Worth: $20.7 Billion
He is the third richest man in Asia and 21st position overall according to Forbes. Currently he is enjoying the office of vice chairperson of the world steel organization and has been bagged with the title of richest person in Europe with personal wealth. It will not be wrong to call him a steel magnate because his reign over steel business expands over decades now. He is the CEO and founder of Arcelor Steel.


4)Thomas & Raymond Kwok and Family


Net worth: $18.3Billion
The two brothers Thomas & Raymond was declared co chairman of Sun Hung Kai Properties the largest property developer in Hong Kong. Both the brothers have also pretty good interest in telecom industry and therefore own interests in smartone-vodafone and also in city bus operator KMB. The elder brother of the two is still included in the non-executive panel of the company.

5)Lee Shau Kee

lee shau kee
Net Worth: $18 Billion
Currently he is second richest person in Hong Kong and greater china and 5th in Asia. At the moment his holdings in mainland-controlled stocks has earned him a lot of wealth and that’s not all his profit based earning and investments has earned him the title of Honk Kong’s Buffet and “Asia’s Master of stock” the whole market of stock exchange becomes feeble on his little movements and advancements. He man of great influence when it comes to stock market.

6)Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud

Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud
Net Worth: $18 Billion
The Arabian Warren Buffett, Prince Alwaleed is the member of the royal family of Saudi Arabia and CEO and owner of Kingdom Holding Company. He recently aired in a new Airbus 380, world biggest private jet, airliner by Design Q which has incorporated a complete relaxation zones in it, such as Turkish bath lined with marble, Wellbeing room with floors and wall turned into a screen which show the ground below, 20 sleepers and magic carpet It also has a prayer room with electronic mats which automatically turn towards mecca. He was being ranked 8th among The World’s Richest people in 2006 but has now residing at No.6th by Forbes by earning his fortune in real estate and multiple investments.

7)Georgina Rinehart

Georgina Rinehart
Net Worth: $18.9 Billion
The daughter of late Lang Hancock is an Australian mining tycoon and a magnetic heiress of Hancock Prospecting with heavy investments in further industries. She also runs media organizations where holding major shares. This year her fortune doubles due to the hands in hands with South Korean Posco. She is the world’s richest woman, having surpassed Christy Walton.

8)Cheng Yu-Tung

Cheng Yu-Tung

Net Worth: $16 Billion
Cheng Yu-Tung was the last year biggest gainer, his fortune got boost when his clan’s jewelry business, Chow Tai Fook Jewelry Group, went public last month. The retired, 87 year old, has been ill and frequently hospitalize for unknown reasons but he says according to him his health is not a serious problem if company shares ever dip. He is finally stepping down from the family business and passing on the duties to his son.

9)Mohammed Al Amoudi

Mohammad Al Amoudi
Net Worth: $12.5 Billion
Mohammed Al Amoudi is the second richest Arabian and Ethiopia’s richest and the richest Black person in the world. Forbes listed him as 61st wealthiest individual in the world. He has particularly in love with his motherland Ethiopia and repeatedly repeat his theme that the Destiny of Ethiopia lay with its young in whom he had great faith.

10)Robert Kuock

Robert Kuock
Net Worth: $12.4 Billion
Robert owns most of the business himself or by his family. his range of business expands from sugar cane industry,animal feed,oil mining to high class business of hotels.currently his business hub lies in Malaysia however huge investments have also been made in different countries and many more are in pipeline. he is currently richest man in Malaysia and his main source of income is palm oil which is Malaysia is famous for. According to Bloomberg estimations he is bagged with 40th place in top rich people in world.

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