Richest Black Billionaires of 2013

black billionaires in 2013The world and majority of its people have grown up now, leaving behind the old concepts of discriminating people over the rules of color, locality an wealth. What matters today is the knowledge, position and wealth of an individual and how true is that from the leading heroes to the successful businessmen, from the popular singers to the prominent president, the Black fellows have taken a control over every domain related to their expertise.

Here is a small list of the Black billionaires who are known for their world across the globe. Have a look!

1)Aliko Dangote

Estimated Worth: $16.1 billion

Country: Nigeria

Business: Sugar, Cement, Flour

Aliko Dangote

An idea built fortune, everyone is not as lucky as Prince William; they have to think and work. This is what exactly happened in his case, a loan from his uncle helped him to execute his plan by trading in commodities like cement, flour and Sugar, and today he is the continent’s largest cement producer and has recently sold off his controlling stake in his flour milling companies and collected $190 million from sales.

2)Mohammed Al-Amoudi

Estimated Worth: $13.5 billion

Country: Saudi Arabia

Business: Oil Refineries, Mining

Mohammed Al-Amoudi

The smart son of Saudi father and Ethiopian mother has built his fortune with day and night hard work and motivations to be something has encouraged him to cornering productive construction contracts in Saudi Arabia. He is the owner of Midroc Group, owns a group of oil refineries in Sweden and Morocco.

3)Mike Adenuga

Estimated Worth: $4.7 billion

Country: Nigeria

Business: Oil, Telecom

Mike Adenuga

A long service and trust worthy relation are always fruitful, if Adenuga did not handle construction contracts for Nigeria’s military government in the 80s he couldn’t make up in the list even today. That is because it was because of military President Ibrahim Babangida, he was awarded an oil production license and gave him the honor of being the first bird to strike oil in commercial quantities. He is also the owner of the world’s largest mobile phone network, Globacom.

4)Patrice Motsepe

Estimated Worth: $2.9 billion

Country: South Africa

Business: Mining

Patrice Motsepe

From gold to coal all are over the table to get sale by him. African Rainbow Minerals, his publicly traded mining conglomerates has interest in every possible mineral existed for an advantage. Recently he hit the headlines over his joint venture with Bill Gates and Warren Buffett’s Giving Pledge, announcing of giving away half of his assets to Motsepe Family Foundation.

5)Oprah Winfrey

Estimated Worth: $2.8 billion

Country: America

Business: Television

Oprah Winfrey

When it comes about the celebrity interviews or you are looking for extremely popular interviews of stars like Rihanna and Beyonce , OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) that holds exclusive interviews and thus enjoys favorable ratings. Tyler Perry-helmed sitcoms are soon going to get aired through her cable channel. Her philanthropist attitude made her to spent $100 million on the Operah Winfrey Leadership Academy for girls in South Africa.


6)Isabel Dos Santos

Estimated Worth: $2 billion

Country: Angola

Business: Investment

Isabel Dos Santos

The oldest daughter of the Angola’s president, holds the stake in numerous Angolan and Portuguese company. She holds the largest $1 billion stake in Angolan Mobile Phone Company.

7)Mo Ibrahim

Estimated Worth: $1.1 billion

Country: Britain

Business: Investments

Mo Ibrahim

The British businessman and mobile communication entrepreneur, who after selling his ‘exciting adventure’ mobile phone company, Celtel he pocketed $1.5 billion, though he work for many other telecommunication companies. His philanthropy spokes through his Mo Ibrahim Foundation, which is created with a motive to promote and catalyze good governance in Africa. It gives a life time award of 45 million over 10 years to retired leaders.