5 Ways To Become A Rich Freelance Photographer!

rich freelance photographerFor someone dream jobs could be working for themselves , where nobody looking over your shoulder, or messing with your head, the freedom and the satisfaction you get after working in a peaceful air conditioned ambiance of your room, You need to try out Freelancing. Working as a freelance photographer can be hard where you could have nightmares of never ending work and cannot think of ways to ask for more money and wishing to meet the deadline when the pile of work mocking at your hand.

What could be the three things listed top in your list when it comes to buy a property? Location, location and location, the same way when you are talking about freelance photography the most important requirements are reliability, reliability and-reliability!

Here is the list of things that will help you to be productive, efficient and give best, save this list and comes back to it often to remind yourself of what you can improve at.

1. Building a personal blog

You need to prove you are serious and devoted in your work and for that you need to create a website because people will look at it before heir you. Make sure it is in HTML and easy to navigate and most importantly do not forget to maintain a daily blog because what is most unfortunate is once you are working the thing that goes off the door is capturing for yourself, this will add a personality to your website and will drag more clients.

2. Dealing Difficult part first

When you start as a new freelancer you will get jobs luckily but unfortunately you missed to flash the entire detail before you bid on a project and then once you are done with the celebration of having the job you will find out it’s a bane of your life. Like completing 360 pictures on a theme of lock in a day could make you feel forget about completing the project, so never miss to read before you get your hands on to it.

3. Take care of the budget

We never know how much a client could spent on a project and on the hand we do not want to underbid or look like inexperienced photographer or sell ourselves for short services nor we want to over bid to lose the project, what better could be is to go through the entire details before agree to a price because once you quote, you have clearly understood the specifications and if any changes are made you make clear what you can do and cannot do based on your understanding and cost.

4. Be Responsive

When you get a response feel lucky that they spent time to look at your work so it is your turn to respond immediately the better way is to have a call at first because human voice gives your boss a much better sense of who you are and who they are, once you clearly understood the specification the minor details can be manage through emails but keep followed up the email as the job went along.

5. Track your Reliability!

Either keep a scrap of papers sticking on to your walls or use the teuxdeux.com for online list service to maintain your work tangible and fresh in your mind and never forget to post your updated resumes and jobs completed, referrals and client list on your website and web links, this will develop your reputation rather than only keeping the list keep these points in mind,

  • a. Do not over promise, and if you promise for 30 days complete your project a day before.
  • b. Learn to stop playing blaming game, and spell out what exactly you can do and you cannot.
  • c. Don’t be Mr. Humble and nice, charge more for immediate work, you may do the first emergency hour job at a reasonable price to get the acquaintance but let them know there will be an extra charge in the future, as their lack of planning does not constitute an emergency for you 😀
  • d. Add more skills to your profile like if you are a good photographer and a writer you will be more valuable and preferred over others.
  • e. Use advance programs like Light room, to edit at speed and make your life easy.

Freelancing is a huge world where you do not have to meet people in person but you need to built an unscratched reputation to survive, I hope the mistakes others did you won’t do them and stands out as one of the most demanding freelancer.

Best Wishes

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