How Rich is David Bowie

net worth of david bowieWhen it comes to the music and its technicalities, there is one name that can never be forgotten in the history of English music. It is none other than David Bowie who is not only known as a renowned singer and actor but also an innovator in the music for his marvelous compositions and giving classical hits.

David Bowie was an English singer, actor, songwriter and record producer who has been famous in the popular music since the very beginning of his music career. He was born on 8th January, 1947 when nobody knew that this is a birth to a legendary artist and a blessing for the music industry of that time. The legend took his last breath on 10th January 2016 leaving behind millions of fans and lovers.

David Bowie’s Net Worth

David Bowie's net worth

David Bowie left behind him not only the fame but a well-deserved fortune too. He died at the age of 69 after struggling 18 months against cancer. At the time of his death, that is in the year 2016, his estimated net worth is $230 million which is to be divided among his wife Iman and two children Alexandria Zahra and Duncan Jones, a renowned filmmaker. Bowie started off his spell in the music industry in 1962. That definitely is quite long ago. He has been a consistent innovator and intervener of music consequently giving amazingly hit songs of which ‘Space Oddity’, ‘Lets Dance’, ‘Ashes to ashes’ and ‘Fame’ must be mentioned as a few super hits by him. The versatility and the iconic style of David Bowie made him achieve a total of 14 awards throughout his career including BAFTA Television Awards, American Music Awards and the BRIT Awards.

Income From His Songs and Albums

David Bowie income from songs and albums

 Considering the net worth of David Bowie, the first and the major source that anybody can guess is his income from his singing career. He earned from 26 or 27 studio albums which he recorded in his career. The popularity and the revenue that he generated out of his art in music and creating unique rock pop, electronic pop and glam rock is worth it. Apart from his albums, his singles also earned good bucks and all this added up to make an amount of $140 million. Bowie’s 9 albums topped the UK chart in his lifetime. His last album ‘Blackstar’ was released in 2016 on his birthday and again topped the charts reviving the legacy.

David Bowie As An Actor

david bowie - actor

Music was not the sole source of income that added up to make his net worth so large. He also played short or we can say supporting but significant roles in some brilliant movies like ‘The man who fell to the earth’, ‘Labyrinth’ and ‘The Elephant Man’. There are many more in the list and these are some little moves played by David Bowie which made him earn a good amount of money.

 Bowie Bonds

David Bowie Bonds

David Bowie has got something exceptional through his life in music industry. He has been known for one of the most applicable and innovative business plan that he named as Bowie Bonds. His plan was to ensure the financial stability of the singers at the time of their financial uncertainty at any point in their life. He raised a $55 million relying on his upcoming albums to the investors. A 10-year bond was issued to him by a group of investors by selling his rights to future royalties.

Pullman was the agent who helped him out in this bond process. He claims that it happened for the first time that any singer had sold intellectual property rights via a bond. This bond has been embraced by the artists and investors with great motivation worldwide.

This is how a star leaves the world mourning behind him with a great name, fame and fortune. What else would one like to have? That’s all for the net worth of David Bowie.

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