How Rich is Christian Bale In 2016

Networth of Cristian BalePlaying the role of Batman, Christian has personified the character in such a way that he is now known much better with the character itself. Being an amazing artist and actor, he rules the hearts of many. His complete name is Christian Charles Philips Bale and he was born on 30 January 1974. Christian Bale is a renowned English/American actor who has been a famous star of both small projects and blockbuster Hollywood movies. He has worked with many directors, producers, independent producers and art houses and is still considered to be the priority of many movies makers.

He first appeared in front of the camera at the age of 13 when he did the movie of Steven Spielberg’s called Empire of the Sun. Later he appeared in a movie called American psycho where he portrayed the character of Patrick Bateman. Both these films proved his worth in the industry and people then started recognizing him as a person who can portray lengthy characters into his films and is able to perform even challenging roles in his future projects.

Net worth of Christian Bale

Christian Bale is most famous for is world renowned role as Batman in the Dark Knight trilogy. This trilogy includes Batman Begins (2005), The Dark Knight (2008), and The Dark Knight Rises (2012). This sole movie of Christian Bale has earned him over 2.3 billion dollars by the revenue generation in box office. The net worth of Christian Bale is therefore counted to be 80 million dollars.

Net worth of Christian Bale

After Batman trilogy, Christian Bale is considered to be an actor who has great potential to transform himself physically as well as mentally into any character that he wants. This is why he is being given much praise for his starring roles in future projects which will enhance his stardom even more.

According to different reports, he has been rewarded with one million dollars for performing in American Psycho and has earned about 9 million dollars from Dark Knight Series. Moreover, his movie producers and directors have given him ten million plus bonus amount for the immense box office success of his movies. It is his great performance in the movie that the Dark Knight has become fourth highest grossing movie of the Hollywood industry with collecting amounts that has surpassed 1.03 billion dollars.

Some of his other movies include Mio in the Land of Faraway (1987), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1999), Laurel Canyon (2002), Velvet Goldmine (1998), Swing Kids (1993), Knight of Cups (2015), The Promise (2016), Out of the Furnace (2013), The Flowers of War (2011) and American Hustle (2013).

Achievements and lifestyle of Christian Bale

 lifestyle of Christian Bale
Christian Bale has received many awards among which the Academy Award, the Golden Globe and 30 other awards for Best Supporting Actor in the year 2011 are the most prominent ones. He owns a very luxurious 1999 Mercedes C43 AMG that has much higher value than its overall performance.

Though Christian Bale has also bought a new Benz C43 but his previous car is still his favorite. Considering the fact that Christian Bale can afford many cars, he is a fan of only few of them. He is also a huge fan of Giorgio Armani and likes to be dressed up in their suits and since this brand has gained much public recognition over the past few years, it is very likely to say that their clothes are a hot favorite among many national and international celebrities.

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