6 Reasons Why Recruit With Facebook Ads

Facebook adsFacebook is a very large platforms that offers more than just interactivity to users. It is a great promotional and marketing tool that can be made use of via not only social profiles and Pages, but also via advertising. In fact, Facebook ads are very effective when it comes to promoting a brand or a product. Some users might find them irksome, but various companies have met these ads with remarkable success. Some companies have even started recruiting people on Facebook for jobs, and it is turning out to be very effective, since many of the people on Facebook can’t be reached through other means. Here are a few reasons why more and more companies should use this form of recruitment, since it has a tremendous amount of potential.

1. Job Listings vs Facebook ads

For online job recruitment, companies have to create job listings on popular job-listing websites, such as Monster.com. These websites charge companies per listing, and a lot at that. And they might not always get suitable candidates, which makes it not a very worthwhile venture. Facebook ad listings are relatively cheaper. Facebook does not charge for listing your ads. It will only charge you when people click on that ad and reach you. Hence, companies can take advantage of this fact and pay only for the interested candidates they get, and no more!

2. Reach out to maximum number of people

A lot of people use social media for their interactions. And Facebook has more registered users than any other social media. Not only that, it has more active users than Twitter and Myspace combined! According to an estimate, it has more than 525 Million active users, around 400 Million of which log in six days a week. The numbers speak for themselves. Facebook is unarguably the largest platform where companies will come across candidates. Facebook might be the only social media worth advertising on for recruitments.

reach out !

3. Inactive candidates

Many people, especially middle aged candidates aren’t very active with regards to job hunts. They currently are doing a job, and even though they might not be pleased with it, they are reluctant to move things around. For companies, such candidates are hard to recruit, but they have their own benefits. Such people are usually veterans or professionals that could make useful contributions to companies. And by far, the best method for reaching out to them is not via newspaper/tv ads or job listings. The best place to look for them is where they spend their casual time, i.e. social media. And what better social media to look on than Facebook?

4. Targeting audience

One of the best features Facebook gives to advertisers is targeted marketing. Companies can target a specific audience according to demographics such as age, gender, language, country, ethnicity, interests, and so on. Hence, only the people that match their criteria will be able to see the ads. This could refine companies’ search, and they can look exactly for the type of candidates they want.

targeted audience

5. Easy marketing

Facebook ads are a great way to direct traffic to fan pages. This traffic can be retained by delivering good content. That way, when people like a page, they will get updates from that company, which they can like or share and spread the word to people far beyond the reach of the ads. Hence, Facebook is an all-in-one soltion for all the marketing needs of a company.

6. Networking

Candidates willing to work for a company can come together through Facebook, and share their views, opinions, reviews, and more. Hence, Facebook provides an easy networking solutions as well. People can get updates from the company, and easily get to know more about it before willing to work.


So in essence, companies can put social media to good use, not just through the use of Pages, but also through ads. This trend is on the rise, and we can expect more companies and freelancing services to start hiring on Facebook. So keep on the lookout for such jobs! Not all ads are scams. All the best 🙂

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