8 Most Recommended Survey Sites You Should Not Miss

recommended survey sitesYour opinions really matter so how about utilizing it and making money by letting officials know how did you find their products and services? We have been sharing a great list of online paid survey sites that pay you to conduct surveys and in return of the favor they offer you a share in their revenue. However, if you are busy and don’t want to earn that way, online money making through surveys has yet another door left for you. There are sites that ask you questions about the products and you have to answer them and also give suggestions so that the product can be made even better. By doing so, you are actually helping the manufacturers to enhance the quality of their products and so you make money out of it.

Here are 8 most recommended survey sites you should not miss to make money with,

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1)Pink Panel

pink panel

Do you love yourself? Would you mind to compromise with your beauty and products? If yes, then join thousands of women like you by becoming a part of it. The biggest panel and gateways to makeup, skin care products of companies who cares about what you think. Be part of fun consumer panel in the country.

2)Opinion Outpost

opinion outpost

What could be more fascinating then get your PayPal dropping out money within 48 hours after completing the proposed online surveys? Once you sign up, take surveys, though you may not qualify for all of the proposed surveys but you will be able to earn enough to cash out via PayPal. The payout threshold varies $3 for games, $5 for Amazon.com gift cards, $10for PayPal and $15 for Citibank virtual debit card. The online surveys may take as long as 20 minutes to get you 15 points that equals $1.5. So basically it don’t pay as much as others, but still you can give it a shot.

3)Harris Poll

harris poll

It is one of the best survey sites to earn within few minutes. Your words, opinions and criticisms will be influencing the important decision makers in government, manufacturers, non-profit organizations and corporations. Your valuable opinions are way to important for them and so for that they will pay you online via points merchandise and gift certificates, so enjoy shopping.

4) ZoomPanel

make money with zoompanel

You may be answering and taking surveys anywhere else but here you will be getting products to test upon before anyone else, for that you will get paid, take online surveys after that and get points which can redeem many gift cards, music/electric appliances and money. Earn up to 250 points a survey and get your first 50 points today the moment you subscribe to join now.

5)Opinion Place


It is a panel where you will be connected to free and online surveys to share your opinion and criticisms to help companies design and improve their products. Once you will earn rewards in the form of points you can redeem them into gift cards, Amazon gift cards and cash.

6)CVS Advisor


The panel is basically conducting online surveys to improve the services, products and CVS stores. Your opinions and comments are actually helping them to evolve their extra-care program, alter their pharmacy procedures, creating friendlier user services. The panel offers the short easy surveys, which are fun to answer and receive CVS Extra Bucks coupons immediately after completing surveys. Join in for free to be a CVS valuable Advisor.

7)Survey Savvy

survey savvy

Make a difference to the quality of products and services by signing up to the site, answer honestly to the questions and let the manufacturers know about the customer’s criticisms. You need to be above 18 to take surveys online, answer your best to get your reward. If you want to get your money faster, which usually takes 4-12 week processing time, install savvy connect to get savvy select status to get your payment request expedited within one week.

8)Ipsos I-Say

ipsos isay

It is one of the best and recommended panels for you, because if you take a screener for a survey and you couldn’t qualify, you will still get 5 points. So basically, you are never wasting your time out there. They pay well and payout is little low at just 1000 points for $10. Join it for free, take online surveys and enjoy the reward as a gift card or cash. The access to the site is limited to certain areas.

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