7 Reasons Why Every Freelancer Must Have a Blog!

integrate freelancing with bloggingWhen it comes to make money online, there has been a confusion in people about which one to choose, blogging or freelancing. Smart earning methods has been sharing some best tips to make sure you earn huge both ways. But have you ever thought of merging both and earning double? If not, then here is something you must know.

As stated in my articles, I have been working as a blogger for STC network as well as earning a good added income with freelancing opportunities. What I have been observing since the day of my online earning career is, these two fields, although totally different in terms of earning methodology, somehow relates to each other significantly. In both cases, you have to show your writing skills but the idea of promoting your work for both is way too different. Think of owning a blog about your freelancing and making money from both ends, the profit is more than your imaginations.

Here are 5 must know reasons to encourage the freelancers to come up with their own blog and maximize their earnings.

1. Increases your credibility

building credibilityIf you are a freelancer, you must know that your potential clients are dispersed in the world. Being located in different countries, there is always a lack of trust found in giving contracts to freelancers that do not belong to their country. The idea of owning a blog and giving it a professional look, highlighting your potentials and telling the world about your existence highly impress your clients and increase your credibility. They find easier to trust on you and as a result, more contracts come to your freelancing career.

2. Sense of Confidence

Being a freelancer itself is a feeling of selling your talent for money which is then used by your clients to make 5 times more than what they pay you. When I think of this drawback, a feeling of anxiety occurs. A freelancer has to look for clients again and again, which leaves an impression of being jobless after every contract.

Owning a blog and publicizing your talent gives you a sense of confidence, where you can proclaim yourself as a service providing organization rather than a jobless man, looking for contracts at low prices. This confidence is reflected in your proposals and attracts clients to know more about your services and make them inclined towards you.

3. You are given Priority

you are priorityIt’s a fact that with the advancement in online money making business, along with the awareness of this set up, there are hundreds of big sites that are providing freelancing services and there are millions of freelancers who are registered there, fighting with each other for every next contract posted by the client. In this race, where do you stand as a freelancer? It’s obvious that there are thousands of people who are better than you in terms of either quality or efficiency or cost. Having your portfolio been displayed and viewed on your own powered blog, works like a magic here. Not all the freelancers have their blogs, so here is the element you were thinking of, you can add a plus point in your freelancing career, where your clients give you a priority over others, knowing that as compared to other candidates you might be more reliable and reachable-via-your blog!

4. Its all about you!

When you post your proposal for a potential contract, you are find yourself limited in describing the best about you due to the freelancing sites’ policies. It’s obvious that every single person on earth has so much of talent in himself that two or three lines given to describe them is a flop idea, but you are bound to do so. Your blog is your property, where you can share your success stories, your ideologies, your goals, your awards, freelancing tips and a lot more with people, who can be your potential clients even. You can then mention about your blog in your proposal and the client would definitely turn to it with curiosity, increasing the chances of your selection.

5. Deal Directly

hiredMy client on freelancer.com has always given me a feeling that she doesn’t like contacting me on freelancer.com, as she is mostly sending me short messages on the site inbox, asking me to come online either on Google Plus or send me contracts on my Yahoo email. The reason behind this is that, your clients are busy people, once they have hired you, they are no more looking for others for the same work, and getting signed in to the site only for contacting you is not their cup of tea. If you have a blog of your own, your clients can directly deal with you then and there, not looking for the middle forum to be involved. This saves time. Their Time!

6. Become popular!

With a blog as your own platform of promoting your talent is like making you a celebrity where you are addressing the entire world, and not to a specific client. The clients are looking for freelancers on internet and once they come across your page, there are wide chances for you to get numerous offers for your talent. You are no more a freelancer then, you become a freelancing company. If your talent is worth following you, your clients will turn back to you with new offers, knowing that you are a reachable, credible and reliable source of getting their work been done.

7. Earn with Both Ends!

earn moreWorking a little hard on customizing your blog and learning ways to attract a potential traffic to your blog can give you another title, that is, the Blogger! This means that with your readers following you can always look forward to your blog to learn from your experiences, utilizing your given tips and at the same time, your potential clients visiting your blog to know more about you can generate substantial revenue for you too. This is the best part. You can still earn with your blogs even if you o not get a single contract a month.

Integrating your freelancing career with a blog can become a turning point of your life. Make yourself different; use your talents to get benefited from every way possible.

It’s always a good practice to take preventive measures in the business today that has an unpredictable tomorrow!


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