10 Reasons for Quitting your Job in 2013 !

why quit job 2013A smooth salary is becoming a need rather than a luxury these days where you really need to earn huge to meet up your livings, and keep your family satisfied in leading their lives according to the trends of the world. However, 2013 is predicted to be a year where many of us might leave our jobs, probably because of the fact that the competition is increasing day by day at every level and the opportunities are increasing for the people of knowledge too. Apart from it, now a days, people are getting smarter and have started to realize their potentials, taking step for betterment.

According to a survey been conducted, the following 10 Reasons might make you jobless this year, Have a look,

1)Money is not happiness

Last time when you heard increase in your salary, you were definitely really happy, with happiness come wishes, which sooner turn into desires and finally desire turn into needs, and in the end you left with a question, “where did all the money go?” Even though you needed none of those things before but you raise your standards of living, where your desire has turn into lust, and finally to maintain it you strive ultimate to fulfill your desires. With each digit increase in your salary your demands increases, and for that you let go your family, friends, parties and everything that use to build memories, just for the increase appetite for money. Money is like a drug, with increase in dose you will feel more pleasure, and in the end you will be forgetting everything to get it and even then you won’t be satisfied. So do not look for job that is paying you more look for a job that you like.


“Sorry I was distracted that’s why I couldn’t do it”, “I  need to stay focus at one thing”, ”I’m too weak, it’s not my job”, these are the frequently heard excuses, but what do you think will be the end of such people? Simple, there will be more retirements, more resignation letters or losing job. It’s easy to make excuses to let go challenges and create an impression that you are old now. Do not let other competition to grow or your junior to get over you. Old is gold, and experience matter most, so stay firm and think before quitting.

3)Abundance will never come from your job

You cannot complement the warmth of sun unless you are standing underneath after long winters, but if you are drop at desert, you will never wish to stay under sun, in the same way until you are working you wish to get free and once you quit, you get bored even with what you used to feel pleasure. Experiment, improve, make goals rather following the same routine and get bored in the end. With hard work comes the pleasure of holidays, so do not run and learn to face every day challenges.

4)Letting go your job over other’s believes and thoughts

You have been waiting for promotion and one day somebody coming up to you and telling you to leave your job for the sake of new potential offer, will you let it go, no matter even if you were working for last 10 years? Yes obviously! Who does not like to progress! With time there are various opportunities offering better plans and salary. But sometimes a decision you made over the influence of others may left you nowhere and in the end you left with no job. Think before you quit, or else it may be too late to look back!

5)Is your job satisfying your needs?

Survival of fittest, it is a well known phrase that is clearly meant to describe here. No doubt where ever you are living, standard of living is getting expensive and you just cannot stick to same plan of earning to survive in this era. Surely not everyone is entitled to have all of those needs satisfied at a job but no matter how old is your job, or how much you are in love with, but if you cannot fill in your basic needs, surely you will shift to a better job.

6)You have been replaced

It is time for machines to do job for you because we need quality, efficiency and quantity of a well product. Machines are not suppose to do mistakes while human error is a biggest fear, that could make you lose billions over a single contamination by human. Every day many of us are losing jobs because either we are not efficient or we trust technology more than minds.

7)The middle class is dead

There were always rooms for a middle class to do small jobs but now with internet, scanners, printers, drillers and many more such monster machines has taken over the control, poor people who could actually make some money, without having technical knowledge, is now left empty handed. Education is getting expensive and so does finding a job for a middle class man, think what we are doing, are we developed or creating more jobless and illiterate empty stomach to die every day.

8)Corporations don’t like you

“Qualifications”, “Experience” and above all from where you belong, these three things are the fundamental to be in a good corporation. No one will be hiring you if you can’t have access to any of it. But if you get lucky and hold a potential to be star, these people will force you to leave. During my conversation to an executive editor, over my query that why you do not want your authors putting their twitter names in their posts, he mentioned, “We want to be about the news, we don’t want anyone to be individual star” this is reality.

9)Your retirement plan is for shift

leave job in 2013
Retirement does not mean to stay at home and enjoy coffee it mean to shift and surely many of you must have been saving so you can start a business or lifestyle where you can out big chunks of money away. If you are thinking you are not an entrepreneur, than it’s not true, all what it take is the ability to have a great idea and start a business on the side.

10)It’s ok to take baby steps

“I can’t quit I have to pay bills”, “I am a secret agent and I’m waiting for my mission to get over and I am not going to give up”, these are not goals but are called baby steps where you keep motivation, passion and drag yourself little more before saying no. This is how eventually you run towards freedom.

We wish best of the luck to your for your job this year, try having some strong reasons to play with your life.

Best Wishes,

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