20 Questions Every Freelancer should ask his Client

questions freelancer should ask his clientDeclaring yourself as a freelancer on freelancing platforms requires you to know all the technicalities of this business and the basic norms that a freelancer should know before actually discussing a potential project with his clients. There are a hundred of questions every freelancer should ask his client before he starts working on the project allotted to him. Freelancers who do not play it safe by taking precautions initially suffer by the end of the day, losing clients forever. Here are 20 worth asking questions every freelancer should ask his client to ensure client satisfaction at all levels in the contract.

What business your company deals in?

Ask your client to brief you on the main functionality of his organization to give you a raw idea about what the company demands out of you.

Who are your potential customers?

Knowing that that the targeted audience in the game is, you can always design your work much better, focusing on the needs of potential customers.

Who are your competitors?

Gathering information about what your client’s competitor is offering, ask your clients to mention the competitive market in general.

How to contact with you?

There are chances that you would need your client’s assistance at any point while doing the project, ask him to specify where and how to contact to him.

Quality or speed? What matters more?

Before setting the dates of deliverables, do not forget to ask your client that what matters more to him, quality or speed? Knowing his priorities, you can then easily schedule your dates and working hours.

When do you want updates regarding progress?

If your project is lengthy and based on monthly contract, ask your client that when would he like to hear about the progress made in project. Once you know his expectations, you can then arrange the modules accordingly.

Are there any technicalities in the project? If yes then mention.

It is important to know about aspects that may hinder your project making your stuck in between. Always ask about the risks involved.

Any specific project instruction?

Always ask your client to mention his specific instructions if there are any.

What are your special requirements?

Every client expects his contractor to provide an outstanding piece of work, which, however, is not possible every time. Clear your doubts if any, by asking your clients about his special requirements that you need to include in the project.

Can you show me a sample?

Ask your clients about showing you a sample work so that you get an idea of what is demanded out of you.

What is the deadline for this project?

Most importantly, ask the deadline of the project and keep two days before in your mind to deliver the work on time.

How will I be receiving Payment?

Though clients mention the payment strategy and structure in their offer as well, it is always better to ask once again about how you would be receiving your payments.

Have similar tasks more?

There are possibilities that your client might be having the same work available for more freelancers, try asking him about it and offer your services, giving him some leverage over payment and quality.

Will this project need updating?

You, being the service provider, must know whether to leave a room of update in future or not. Ask your client about it.

How do you think the project went?

Feedbacks are really important, especially when you entire future business relies on feedbacks given by the previous clients. Try keeping cordial relations with your clients and always ask him about how did the project went and the experience of working with you.

Do you have any suggestions?

Suggestions can make you look better in your respective domain. Ask your clients to suggest what was lacking in you and try learning from it.

Can I use this project in my Portfolio?

Freelancing is a different business. You often do not get recognition for the work you do. Ask your client for the permission of displaying his contract on your portfolio to attract future offers.

Would you write a testimonial or recommendation?

Predicting the goodwill from the client end, ask him for recommendations and offer him to write a testimonial about the service that you provided him.

More work for me?

Once done with the work, ask him for the availability of work that you can do for him. It is always better to stick with a client rather than finding a new one all over again.

When can I hear next from you?

In case there is no work available for you, tell your client that he can always count on you for the quality work in near future. Ask him if he would need your services after a while or so.

Becoming a freelancer is relatively the easiest thing one can do in order to make money, but getting a consistent return is something very few people know.

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