5 Ways to Protect your Business from Cyber Attack!

save business from cyber attackDoing an online business and earning for a luxurious living is no more a dream. In fact with little knowledge and a devoted hard work, you can make it all possible for yourself to run a small business online or double your profit been generated by a real-world business by utilizing the power of online facilities like Social media, freelancing websites, etc. Just like any other business module, you need to take care of the risks that might make your business suffer and when it comes to involving cyber facilities, you need to be extra cautious about everything going wrong in no time. Here are 5 things you really need to do in order to save your business from getting viral by the possible cyber-attacks.

1) Wireless/Wi-Fi to be locked

How many times you found yourself losing the entire data from your computer when nobody seems to touch it? If not yet, you could be next victim of War-driving! War-driving is a technique which you must have heard about, and being asked to have complicated username and passwords to your Wi-Fi connections because you don’t know which car is driven by the group of hackers around your street with high powered antennas, which could easily break into your financial details, once a vulnerable Wi-Fi hot spot is found.

Solution- If you are using Wi-Fi update it to a more trustful and reliable standard and you could also enable Wired Equivalent Privacy 2 (WAP2), that has a longer encryption key that is more difficult to break into. The best solution is to transfer from wireless to more reliable wired connection, because to crack into your system the hacker have to access via hacking modem ports or plugging into physical outlets, which he is not going to do unless you got an old issue to resolve.

2) Encrypt your data

Storing a resting long term data such as employee social security numbers, bank routing digits, credit card numbers, and account information which is not being transmitted over the internet, is the primary element of concern by hackers. If your data isn’t encrypt the hacker could attack through viruses and malwares while the system is running, that will automatically log of your computer after 15 minutes and when you reopen it’s all gone.

Solution- Turn on full-disk encryption, which is nowadays provided with current modified systems, so you don’t have to worry the moment you enter your data it will be secured.

3) Educate your employees

A click to one of the side links to movies or accessing an anonymous subject email that looks fabulous while enjoying your sandwich during lunch break, could cost you lose every confidential details from your employee computer or could corrupt the entire system which you can’t afford. It’s not only you who is supposed to stay aware but your employee should be on the lookout and you are supposed to guide them.

Solution- Increase awareness among your staff and ask them not to access any unknown emails or click on anonymous links. Inform them about threats through brief e-mails, or hold meeting under your IT expert to educate them about potential threats through emails. Prevention is better than cure.

4) Install anti-malware and anti- virus

You must have heard people asking what anti-virus have you installed? That’s because they knew you are living in the world infected with viruses and malwares, which are transmitted to your computer, the moment you visit any website through spam e-mails that requires your username and password. These malicious software or viruses actually install the code that runs in your background and captures the information finally transferring it to the hacker. There are potential causative agents transmitting those viruses to your systems via apps that access social media accounts, e-mails that are popping up with increasing regularity.

Solution- Install anti-virus and anti malware protection on your system and run them after every download you made. Make sure you keep updating and scanning your computer. Do let potential threats to incubate in your system.

5) Hire security

You got a lot to worry, new plans to make, new strategies to adopt, you won’t like spending minutes wondering how to limit exposure to cyber criminals so here let the professionals shield you while you concentrate over your business.

Solution- Search and install the internet based-data-security vendors, make sure you have read the terms carefully and pick among the best that can protect your data and offload a lot of the burden that you don’t want to deal. You can also set up MSP, manage service provider that will maintain a backup of your files, updating firewalls, installing protective measures, encrypting your data and sure you work in peaceful environment.


6) You have been hacked. Now what?

Simple! Keep your eyes open. Feel a difference when there is an anonymous change. Look through it, investigate it; talk to your bank may be you can get your hands back on what you loss.

Solution- Install one of the super cool-security Mykonos web security software, it will help you trick the hackers by reverse hacking, trap them by opsonizing the falsified information that’s too attractive to ignore.

Enjoy your business and don’t forget prevention is better than cure. If you use any other system to protect feel free to share.


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  1. Installing firewalls and tough cyber security will be a great help to protect your business from online attacks. Well, I guess raising employees awareness of cyber threats will also beneficial to avoid threats when using internet.

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