The Pros and Cons Of Going Freelance

pros-and-cons-of-going-freelanceFreelancing is the perfect choice if you enjoy working independently. Whether it be a big or small business, every business can need freelancers. Most of the time you decide how and when you will work but you will have to dedicate a lot of time for self-promotion and pitching to the clients.

You won’t be having a fixed salary that means there is no limit how much you can earn but also be prepared if you don’t get many opportunities for freelancing. Everything had its own pros and cons. Read on to know the pros and cons of going freelance.

Pros of Freelancing

There are lots of advantages of freelancing. Following are some of the pros of landing in the freelance world.

1. Flexible lifestyle.

If you choose to be a freelancer you get to decide for yourself when and where you will work. Freelancers have a flexible lifestyle and this is the greatest advantage of freelancing.

If you had a job at a physical location, this won’t be possible. Since freelancing does not tie you up permanently with a particular company you’re free to decide your destination.

2. Control over the workload.

In freelancing you can take as much work as possible for you to do. If you feel you are getting stressed you can opt for lesser workload.

Saying “no” to the clients is an option because there is no boss, you are your own boss. You are responsible for finding and assigning yourself work that you would love to do.

3. Huge earning potential.

There is no limit to your earning. Your salary is based on the work you do. If you can handle many projects that will ensure more money.

4. Switch jobs easily.

If you ever had to change your current job if you were working for a company you might have to ask for a different position or quit the job. But if you are a freelancer, you can try your luck at variety of areas without going through the process of changing the job.

Cons of Freelancing 

Everything has a good and a bad side. Freelancing has a dark side too. Read on to find out.

1. No payment for equipments.

Suppose if you are a graphic designer and you use photoshop. No one will pay you for the software. Similarly, no clients will pay for the equipments you use nor you will enjoy any company perks.

2. You have to go solo.

Freelancing can make you feel lonely. Almost in all the cases you might not be working with a team. You will have to be working at your own.

3. No guarantee.

There is no guarantee that you will keep getting work. Chances are you sometimes won’t receive any opportunities which might dry up your past savings.

4. Finding clients is not easy.

You will need to market yourself extensively to get high paying clients. Or else you might end up working at lower rates if you join some freelancing sites.


Freelancing has its own advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantages can be turned into advantages by efficiently managing your time and promoting yourself as a freelancer really well. You can also be a part-time freelancer.

“Freelancing is a serious business.”

Over to you! 

The above list is indicative and not exhaustive in nature. One can add many more pros and cons of going freelance. Are you a freelancer? Know any other pros and cons of going freelance? Comment your thoughts below.

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    • Hi Deb,

      Nice to see you here. Yes, the cons are scary but with right networking disadvantages can be turned into advantages.

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

      ~ Rohan.

  1. Thanks for the article! It was really great! But still I think that it has more cons than pros. I’m a freelancer and would like to switch to the more stable job with all the social benefits. Freelancing is highly paid but not stable, you never know when you will have much work or when you will have an empty fridge)

    • Hi Helen,

      I completely agree to your point. That is why many freelancers seek long term opportunities over short ones.

      Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy your weekend. 🙂



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