5 Tips to promote your e- sales with an Influential Business Card!

business CardA clever approach to market your e- business to get a good traffic, you need to work on its promotion in the physical world too. The traces of your existence in the real world makes people believe in your separate entity to let people know about yourself and assure that they remember about you, integrate customized business cards into your professional and personal marketing efforts to avail the guaranteed success via every possible mean.

Here, we will discuss some great techniques to make your Business Card an effective one. I have seen business cards of big people with nothing attractive in it, so if you plan to run a business, you really need to know the following tactics that you should consider:

Simplicity is the Best

The aim of a Business card is to share your basic information with your potential client. Always include your name, your professional designation, Company name, a brief introduction of the services you provide and your reliable contact information.

Promote your Logo!

Your unique logo or icon works as an identity of your product, don’t forget to include an effective icon that represents your site/ blog/product or services. However, be wise enough to choose those graphics that give an attractive look to your business card with best printable results.


A successful business is all about utilizing all possible chances to promote your business. People often leave the back side of their cards blank. Poor fellows, if you can promote more stuff in same size, why not to avail it? You can always add some information, an appealing line at the back of your card.

Quick Response Codes

Quick Response (normally referred as QR) codes have lately created an easy and trendy way to add informational strength to your business card without sacrificing a simple format. QR are a fundamental part of marketing and advertising strategies. QR codes are two dimensional bar code-like designs. Another way to promote your existence is including a URL link to your business.

Promote yourself !

Personalizing a card and then getting it printed is all useless I you don’t know how to avail its advantage. Always keep few cards all the time with you, no matter where ever you go. Try to talk about your business with every person you meet in some way and hand over your card. Distribute your card among all the friends and ask them to forward some to their friends too. You see this way you can actually interact and pull a great traffic to your e-business.


these were some tips that will really help you increasing your and your product’s market Value, generating a huge traffic for you. being professional and making yourself known as a professional in the market is all what you need to increase your credibility in the Market. it becomes embarrassing when people ask you about your business card and you wither don’t have one or if you have it, there is nothing worthy of sharing in it.


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16 thoughts on “5 Tips to promote your e- sales with an Influential Business Card!”

  1. Need help with designing a logo and making a good business card. Can you suggest something for it? I mean a good website or something? I am not creative enough.

  2. Wow, enjoy reading this post!

    I’m giving consulting services in my country ,Malaysia where i really
    find that most of the businesses (Small & Medium) do not really
    utilize their business card with the above points…sadly..just a plain biz card,look boring and dull..
    One of my job is to gain business card orders, while my designer do the rest for me!
    Most of the time i can say, an impressive business card is always the neat and creative one
    (a QUALITY materials is a Bonus marks!)

  3. Great post! One thing i’d like to add is that although QR codes are cool, I think it’s a little redundant information if you place them on business cards. The reason why is that when you actually scan a business card it goes to your phone. Unless the QR code has a contact name and number and its for future storing on your phone…

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