50 Most Powerful Women in World in 2012

powerful womenNow a days, women are leading shoulder to shoulder with men in every field, who are leading and ruling the world, superstars of today. Getting their hands into every matter no matter either it is politics, technology, humanitarian or acting as a celebrity role model, in business, media or billionaire.

Women with Power!
Part 1: 50 Most Powerful Women In the World in 2012
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Here is the list of some most powerful women.

50- Rosalind Brewer


49 years old and the first African American acting as a president and CEO of Sam’s Club warehouse retail chain, and a CEO of Wal-Mart. She was responsible for spanning stores from Maine to Puerto.

49- laurene powell jobs & family


A 48 year old, net worth of $ 9 billion, born in new jersey in November 6 1963. She is an American business executive and co founder of Emerson collective, did her BA from university of Pennsylvania Wharton school; MBA from Stanford university.

48- Safra Catz


50 year old, did her BA and doctor Jurisprudence from university of Pennsylvania Wharton school. An American citizen ands acting as a President since 2004, CFO of oracle from November 2005 to September 2008, member of company’s board of directors. In 2009 she was raked 12 by fortune and 16th most powerful women by forbes.

47- Ellen DeGeneres


A 54 year old American, born in jan 26, 1958, fond of football , played roles of being a main and supporting actress, comedian, therapist, was judge on American idol for one year. Her net was $65 million in 2007.

46- Sue Naegle


She is a 43 year old and has 3 children, lives is Los Angles, Hollywood’s talented candidate appointed as a President of HBO entertainment ,she was initially working as a Co- Head of the TV Department at United Talent Agency . She did her BA from Indiana University.

45- Angela Ahrendts


A 56 year old woman, born in Indiana ,an American business women , citizen of united states and working as a CEO at Burberry Group, the iconic British luxury brand.

44 Laura Lang


A 56 year old, she started her career on the client side and now currently working as a CEO in Time Inc, She did her MBA from University of Pennsylvania .

43- Alice Walton


Citizen of US. Her net worth is US$ 23.3 billion making her 10th richest women and currently working as a American heiress to Wal-Mart. She has a particular interest in art and involve into Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, as a Chairman.

42-Zhang Xin & family:


47 years old, and a Co founder and CEO of Soho Chine ltd, ranked #442 , a Chinese richest self made billionaires and ranked 42 as the powerful women. She belong to a poor family, struggle for couple of decades and at the age of 2o fly to Britain and won university place first at Sussex than headed to Cambridge to complete masters.

41- Mary Barra


50 year old American woman, baring 2 teens, was appointed and ranked the highest in General Motors to lead Global Product development, acting as CEO and senior vice president. She was 10 years old when she fall in loved with cars late 60’s vintage.

40- Shakira


A 35 year old native Spanish, Columbian celebrity, philanthropist, Latin pop’s biggest female, a dancer, singer, song writer, record producer, outstanding belly dancer has amazing vocal ability in English, Portuguese, Arabic , Italian French.

39- Sheri McCoy:


A 50 year old, American woman leave Johnson& Johnson pharmaceuticals, where she started her career as a scientist in the research and development organization for women’s health business, for Avon, cosmetic maker, and heading it as CEO, also a board member of FIRST and stone hill college.

38-Jennifer lopez:


A 43 year old American celebrity, actress, musician, singer, recording artist businesswoman starting her career as back up dancer and a fly girl , and become as a highest paid Latin actress after being appreciated through ALMA Awards.

37- Margret Chan:


65 year old Chinese woman, representative of WHO as a Director General. She launch services, new initiatives to prevent diseases and managed to out breaks of avian influenza and of sever acute respiratory syndrome.

36- Amy pascal:


A 54 year old American who is a representative of Sony picture entertainment as Co Chairman, and a Chairman of SPE’s Columbia TriStar Motion Picture, is another powerful lady on the dial. She significantly helps in spanning the role of women with in the Entertainment industry.

35- Georgina Rinehart:


58 year old Australian, ranked #28 billionaires, assume the position as a Executive Chairman of Hancock Prospecting Pty Ltd after the death of her father. Her activities mainly concern with mining and explorations such as coal or metals.

34- Helen Clark


62 year old, who was initially acted as a Prime minister of New Zealand for 9 years, is now the first women leading the organist ion, and acting as an Administrator of UN development program and a chair on UN development group.

33- DiNE Von Furstenberg


A top class fashion designer, owner of designing company DVF, has iconic status due to her direct style, Her eloquent dresses are suitable for almost all occasions with a captivating style.

32- Beyonce Knowles


31 year old American celebrity, ranked as # 16 out of 100 celebrity, is a song write, recording artist, actress, dancer, model fashion designer, and perfume launcher. She began her career as a part of Destiny’s child and later in life earned various awards like Grammy, MTV music video award,Billboard millennium award.

31- Kathleen Sebelius:


A 64 old politician, who was a director of Kansas Trial Lawyers association and a Governor of Kansas, is now serving as a Secretary of department of Health and Human Services, US.

30- Yingluck Shinawatra


45 year old Thai first and youngest prime minister, and a politician of pheu thai party, has a nick name ‘pu’.

29- Arianna Huffington:


62 year American Editor –in-chief, in Huffington Post Media Group, best known for her news website, baring 2 children and did her MA from Cambridge university. She was listed #12 in ‘first-ever list of the Most Influential women in media’.

28-Nancy Pelosi:


An American politician, 72 years old, she continued her family tradition as she was the first female speaker and a leader of Democratic Leader of the house of representative of California’s district.

27- Julia Gillard

She born in UK and migrated to Australia, and graduated with BA and bachelor of laws degree and later became as a 27th Prime minister of Australia.

26- Queen Elizabeth II


86 year old, acting as a monarch of United Kingdom, and a head of a 54-member Commonwealth of Nations, and Supreme Governor of a Church of England.

25- Susan Wojcicki


44 year old American, was previously worked at Intel and then began as a first marketing professional who is now acting as a senior vice president of Google, managing Ad word, Ad Sense and Google Analytic.

24-Angela Braly:


She was initially the executive vice president, Chief Public Affair officer for WellPoint now she is working as a President and chief executive officer for WellPoint.

23-Diane Sawyer:


She is a 66 year old female, respected journalist, working as an anchor of ABC world news and Network’s principal anchor for breaking news, important events, covering an event like election etc. She wrote many documentaries on under reported topics that catch many eyes for shedding light on them

22- Anne Sweeney:

She was one of the 50 most powerful business women in business, now 54 year American working as a Co- chair of Disney Media Network & President of Disney ABC Television Group, including Walt Disney Company.

21-Marissa Mayer:

37 year old American, representative of yahoo as CEO and a President. She is the ougest CEO of a fortune 500 company; she did her BS in symbolic system and MS in computer sciences from Stanford University.

20- Maria das Gracas Silva Foster:


A first woman and a CEO of Brazil, to run a major oil ad a gas company, because of her tireless work habit she is know as “Caveirao”. She spent her childhood collecting recyclable cans and paper to help pay for school then she joined Petrobras.

19-Aung San Suu Kyi:


67 year old Burmese politician, known as an international symbol of peaceful resistance in the face of opposite acting as a chair and parliamentarian ,national League for Democracy in Burma

18-Meg Whiteman:


CEO of Hewlett-Packard, 56 year old American lady.

17-Ursula burns

53 year old American, Chairman and CEO of Xerox.

16- Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner:

President of Argentina

15- Verginia Rometty

President and CEO of IBM

14- Lady Gaga:

A young 26 years old American celebrity, she is a musician, philanthropist, recording artist.

3- Irene Rosenfeld:

American businesswoman, chairman and CEO, Kraft food.

12- Indra Nooyi

American businesswoman, Chairman and CEO, PepsiCo.

11-Oprah Winfrey:

An American famous celebrity known for opera singing.

10-Sheryl Sandberg

43 year American and COO of face book.

9- Janet Napolitano:


American politician and Secretary of Department of Homeland Security, United States.

8-Christine Lagrade:


She belongs to France and is 56 years old Managing Director of International Monitary funds.

7-Michelle Obama:


She is first wife of 44th President of US. She studied from Harvard and Princeton.

6- Sonia Gandhi:


65 year old politician in India, President of Indian National Congress.

5-Jill Abramson:


American women, currently she is working as an Executive Editor of New York times Co.

4- Melinda Gates


Representative of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as Co-Chair.

3-Dilma Rousseff


64 year old Brazilian politician. She is currently a President of Brazil.

2- Hillary Clinton:


Secretary of State, United States

1-Angela Merkel:


Chancellor of Germany and Chairwoman of CDU, PhD in physical chemist.

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