10 Most Powerful families of the world in 2013

richest families in the worldWhile brainstorming and wondering who are the powerful, you will find yourself landing onto the rich politicians, the royal kings/queens, ambassadors, commodores and commanders but you could have never ended up to the conclusion listed below. Read and realize that the  power doesn’t always mean a designation or money, in fact, it means more than you could think of!

1)Rothschild- first of the most powerful families!


Rothschild is one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory groups, employing approximately 2,800 people in 40 countries around the world. The history of the family goes back as long as 1798, when their founder Amschel Rothschild first left for England. The family belongs to Jewish origin and is famous for its banking activities as well as winemakers, collectors and as significant charitable benefactors. Some people also consider them as Israel’s hidden dictator and financial overlord.

2)Rupert- Second most powerful family!


It is believed that every large thing has a really small beginning; this statement is true in case of Rupert family. A business that was established for a small cigarette factory is now producing luxury brands like Cartier, Monte Blanc and Dunhill. Not only has the family had a huge stake in the wine and brandy business, it also controls Remgro a large investment group. It is also said that the family has close business ties with the Rothschild.



One of the “five families” that dominate organized crime activities in New York and holders of one of the largest casino chains in Las Vegas, the Genovese family has been nicknamed the “Ivy League” and “Rolls Royce” of organized crime. The family has ties with many small groups that organize crime and yet only a few members of the many have faces state’s trials despite several testimonies.



Founders and owner of the largest professional wrestling and entertainment company WWE, the Mcmahons, are an American family of business people and entertainment promoters. Vince McMahon is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the WWE. Promoting runs in his family. He is a third-generation promoter and his father was one of the founders of what is now known as the WWE.


Astor  crest

The Astor family gets its surname Astor from German origin and goes back to the eighteenth century. Once known as the landlords of New York City many buildings are still named on the name of Astor’s and their name can be seen on many buildings and streets. The family has a huge name in real estate and also has background in fur industry. Obtaining a seat in British House of Commons is one of the achievements of the family.



The name of the dynasty derives from its founder, Hugh, who was known as “Hugh Capet”. This is one of the largest and ancient royal families of Europe. Even though the family is known as “House of France” but due to France turning into a republic it is no longer in throne, but the family has its clan spread as far as Spain and Luxembourg, as King Juan Carlos and Grand Duke Henri both belong to it.



The grandson of a German creator of super car, Ferdinand Porsche is the current head of the Porsche, while the Volkswagen which is known as a people’s car is owned by his wife. Though one family actually own two multinational companies but there was a time when the family dropped to number 13th from No. 3 in the list of Germany’s richest people in 2009 due to losing $16 billion or 71% of its wealth as a part of an attempt to take over Volkswagen.



Which list of richest families can be completed without having Rockefeller in it? The king of the oil industry back from the 19th century still has their roots to the ground via their giant financial institute, JP Morgan Chase; where as antitrust law was crafted to spoil the roots of the business.



When you own a huge percentage of a world’s mineral reserves and exploitation profit then you deserve to land on the list. The family owns De Beers and Anglo Americans, which are extracting the world’s best diamond, platinum and gold and so can understand why the list is incomplete without them. The family is now stepping ahead with investments in their naïve countries.



Whether it’s about hiring an engineer or marketing firm, Tata has been looking for everyone. They are the biggest private employer in the second most crowded country. They own few energy plants, manufacture the cheapest cars, and own airlines that grew out of their cotton mills which the family invested upon initially.

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