Top 20 Most Popular Female Singers in the World

popular female singersEarning for a talent is itself a blessing and when it comes to singing, we come across of thousand names but there are only few for whom their passion turned into a resource; a resource too big to make them one of the top richest singers. Just like in other domains, women have contributed somehow equally in music, earning in Millions and ruling the hearts of their fans. Being a music freak myself too, the idea of sharing that who are the richest female singers in the world of 2012 sounded interesting. With the increasing fan following of rappers, the following female singers are giving a tough time to all the male candidates with the combination of their talent, beauty, voice and high level performances.

Following are the popular Female singers in 2013, according to the latest release, based on their earnings from studio contracts, albums and sold-out performances.

1)Christina Aguilera

Albums sold worldwide: 500 millions

Christina Aguilera

The girl from the Micky mouse club and Star search has come to the prominence with herself debut studio album went 10x platinum and is well known as the Princess of Pop and Voice of Generation. She has her hands on six Grammy Awards, two Bill Board Music Awards and two MTV music video awards despite her lack of creativity.

2)Mariah Carey

Albums sold worldwide: 200 millions

Mariah Carey

The lady with the eloquent voice has slowly moved from R&B and pop to hip hop which you can appreciate well in Butterfly (1997) is now also a popular human beings, record producer and actress. Her self titled debut studio album stayed on top for consecutive four times on U.S. BillBoard hot 100. In her career spanning over two decades her second single ”One Sweet Day” stayed a record of sixteen weeks on top of the BillBoard Hot 100, the longest running number one song in U.S Chart history.

3)Whitney Houston

Albums sold worldwide: Over 200 million

Whitney Houston

She was the first women back in 1980 whose first album got 9x platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America in 1988 and she is also the first female artist with a physical single to sell out 4 million copies by the RIAA in 1993. She died in 2012.

4)Patti LaBelle

Albums sold worldwide: 50 million

Patti LaBelle

The woman who has spent more than five decades in the music history possess the vocal range of soprano and is renowned Grammy Award winning American Singer. She is one of the original divas of the music and is considered the godmother of souls.

5)Ella Fitzgerald

Albums sold worldwide: over 40 million

Ella Fitzgerald

She is the most beloved, influential and finest female jazz singer of all the time with a vocal range spanning three octaves and won the last of four noble female jazz singers. Her singing came to an end with her death in her home. She has won three consecutive best Vocalist Award and has won over all 13 Grammy Awards.

6)Etta James

Albums sold worldwide: over 5 million

Etta James

The voice that has encompassed all frequencies and intensities of genres including R&B, gospel, jazz, rock and roll but because of her personal habits and drug addiction she couldn’t top the list but still number 62 on the list of the 100 greatest artist. Even then nothing could stop such a voice to get appreciated, she is the winner of six Grammys and 17 Blues music awards.

7)Tina Turner

Albums sold worldwide: 100 million

Tina Turner

The Queen of Rock has been so popular that she is the only artist who sells more concert tickets than any other solo performer in history could. The American woman has spent more than a century is the most popular entertainer in the music industry who has achieved eight Grammy awards.

8)LeAnn Rimes

Albums sold worldwide: 37 millions


The American girl who came to the prominence with her debut single “Blue” at the age 13, which reached number one on Top Country Albums. Rimes is known for her rich vocals which is appreciated by two Grammys. 12 BillBoard Music Awards, three AMCs and one American Music award. Apart from singing she loves to write in her spare time.

9)Diana Ross

Albums sold worldwide: 100 million

Diana Ross

The most Adorable women are the most successful female artist in the U.S. and UK for having more hits than any female artist in the charts and formerly the owner of an island, Taino, French Polynesia. She has been an influential personality to Michael Jackson and Beyonce Knowles.

10)Céline Dion

Albums sold worldwide: over 200 million

Céline Dion

The bilingual singer became prominent in the world when she won 1982 Yamaha World Popular Song Festival and 1988 Eurovision Song Contest. She has released many of her songs in French and English, but you will definitely find a few more in Spanish, German, Latin, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese

11)Lara Fabian

Albums sold worldwide: over 18 million

Lara Fabian

If you are a big fan of Fabian you would know that the Canadian women has released her songs into more than 7 languages. Since at the tender age she has been taking formal lessons so definitely she knows the skills to stay on the list.

12)Jennifer Hudson

Albums sold worldwide: 1.2 million

Jennifer Hudson

The woman who always hits millions with her every debut album which is certified by Golden Globe Award, NAACP Image Award, BAFTA Award. She had her casual appearance in Grammys Award, The opera Winfrey Show and American Idol.

13)Beyoncé Knowles

Albums sold worldwide: over 118 million

Beyoncé Knowles..

The face that walks out of the competitions. Since the beginning she has been singing and dancing in competitions and rose to the fame to such an extent that her debut album, dangerously in Love in 2003 has earned five Grammy Awards and got 11 million sales though over all she owns 17 Grammy Awards in her 15 career spanning years. She is more like an R&B lover and resides in the list of one of the most influential people in the world.

14)Toni Braxton

Albums sold worldwide: 66 million

Toni Braxton

You might have seen her singing, producing and must have seen her in the 7th season of reality show, Dancing with the stars. Even though in1998 she filed for bankruptcy, she returned with her chart topping third album The Heart. She has once again filed for bankruptcy.

15)Leona Lewis

Albums sold worldwide: 20 million

Leona Lewis

A striking young woman with large mop of blonde corkscrew curls came to prominence after winning the third series of X-Factor in 2006. Her debut album has gone over eight million sells and her single, bleeding love, reached number one in over 30 countries around the world.

16)Maria Callas

Albums sold worldwide: Over 5 million

Maria Callas

She was one of the most renowned opera singers in the 20th century and was voted the greatest soprano of all time by BBC Music Magazine and was Awarded Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

17)Alexandra Burke

Albums sold worldwide: 44 million

Alexandra Burke

She is one of the stars who rose to fame after winning X-Factor series and currently she stands as one of the most influential personality whose debut, Hallelujah became the European record holder for single sales, within 24 hours 105,000 copies got sold. In 2009 one of her single had sold over one million copies in the UK alone.

18)Nicole Scherzinger

Albums sold worldwide: 16 million

Nicole Scherzinger

The face that receives quite attention after winning the Coca-Cola Classic Talent Contest and performed many plays at the Actors Theatre of Louisville. She attended a performance art high school and did her majors in theater arts.

19)Kelly Clarkson

Albums sold worldwide: 20 million

Kelly Clarkson

The girl who won the first Original American Idol title is now the diva of music. Her debut single, A Moment Like This, topped the charts and broke the record. Her second album songs were the biggest hit, one of the most significant is Breakaway which was certified six times platinum, two Grammys Awards and sold over 12 million copies.


Albums sold worldwide: 26.4 million


She is the first woman in history of the BillBoard Hit 100 to have three singles in the top ten as a lead artist and first women to have two albums on top 5 in BillBoard 200 and two singles in top five of the Billboard Hot 100.

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