10 Popular cPanel FAQs Every Webmaster Must Know

Popular cPanel FAQS

Considering the number of websites being developed and the amount of business these websites bring, it is becoming quite necessary to bring changes to the website development world. It is time to make things easier for the novice and lessen the burden on the shoulders of website developers. Keeping that in mind, cPanel was developed and released in the market to help users in hosting and controlling their websites.

Let’s look at what cPanel is, how it has helped the people with their websites and what every webmaster must know about it.

What is cPanel?

cPanel is an online web hosting control panel which is Linux-based. This control panel is offered by several hosting providers to the website owners so that can easily manage the websites using an efficient web-based interface. cPanel is responsible for making the website owners’ lives easier by providing a simple graphical interface. Using this panel, they can control everything without even having the basic technical knowledge or understanding. The given options are designed specifically to simplify the painstaking tasks of controlling and running the website.

cPanel Features

The tiered structure being used by cPanel offers a variety of access levels to the administrators, owners and users. The admin personnel and the users are allowed to tweak settings and make alterations to the website and different parts of the server using the browser. To access the cPanel, https on port 2083 is used or more commonly, “/cpanel” is added at the end of the hostname. cPanel also has auto installers or packages designed for content management systems like WordPress or etc., depending on the hosting providers.

The 10 popular facts about cPanel and cPanel hosting which every Webmaster must know are discussed as follows.

First major web hosting control panel

It was launched in 1997, way before than any of its competitors, which makes it stand out amongst the rest. It is the first publicly available control panel which automated the web hosting services. The software and interface are consistent and well-tested which makes it move a step ahead than the other similar products.

User Interface

According to the various studies and analysis, the decision has finally boiled down to cPanels’ web interface. It is by far considered to be the easiest and simplest user interface. This known to be more user-friendly than other hosting control panels available in the market.


It is less expensive and affordable as compared to the other hosting panels. It offers two hosting packages. The cPanel shared hosting package costs around $3 per month and the Windows shared hosting package that costs around $5 per month.

Full of value

This is fully loaded with the most unbelievable features that include advanced security services, phpMyAdmin, tools for working with files and folders and PGP key management.

Different Versions

There are different versions of cPanel each serving a specific domain. For instance, there is a separate version for shared web hosting, specific memory requirements and access control. All these are chosen according to the needs of the website.

Ease of Migration

It allows easy migration of the website from one server to the other provided the control panel remains the same.

Admin Panels

cPanel is designed in such a way that it provides different systems, different logins and interfaces for the administrators and the users. Even though the cPanel and WHM are connected, it still offers different roles.

Windows Support

This does not support Windows. It only runs on CloudLinux, RedHat and CentOS which might act as a hindrance for many website owners.


Along with the major features, it also facilitates emails. It allows creation and deletion of accounts, email forwarding, automated spam filters and other communication settings.

File Management

With the help of cPanel, file management has become easier. Everything is organized by the cPanel which makes file management a piece of cake. From managing domains to creating a subdomain, file backups to accessing FTP servers and managing disk space data are some of the basic expected features of cPanel.

All in all, cPanel is the most popular and widely used control panel in the world of web hosting. Whenever it is compared with the other control panels available in the market, cPanel takes the lead.

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