Top 10 Most Popular Celebrities on Social Media

Gold top 10 winnerSocial media is now a must-have part of the life where almost every next person  has his engagements on one of the social networks available. However, social media has brought the most benefit to the celebrities who found it much easier to increase their fan followings. here are the top 10 celebrities who are most popular on social media.

1. Justin Bieber

Fans and followers: 89,768,621

justin beiber

Bieber fever is all over American and seems like it could never come to end. “I just need somebody to love, I don’t need too much, I don’t need nothing else I just need somebody to love”, a guy with 49 million facebook fans and 31.5 million twitter followers is still craving for love and why shouldn’t he be. For sure Justin Bieber is the heartbeat of the girls’ heart. A New talented voice, discovered in 2008 has now become ‘Tiger Beat’ and has been labeled as “teen heartthrob”. Justin Bieber certainly do not need introduction or any kind of description. His new dance-leaning pop record, Believe, has multiple songs that hint what Bieber could become someday, if you still haven’t heard of it than Bieber deserves a chance, don’t be too late.

2. Lady Gaga

Fans and followers: 91,837,802

lady gaga

Lady Gaga, Queen of Pop, a bestselling digital artist of all time in U.S, is an American singer, who is known for her diverse and outré contribution to music, through her fashion, music videos and performances worldwide. She was ranked number 4th on Billboard’s list of top money makers of 2011.  She is the 5th best selling female singles artist of all time in U.K. with sales of 7.329 millions. She recently titled her new album ARTPOP which is going to release in 2012. Get ready to see her in an action film because recently she is making her debut film, Machete Kills, where she will be playing the role of La Chameleon.

3. Rihanna

Fans and followers:  91,823,671

a famous celebrity famous for wearing next to nothing in concerts and even magazine shoots. Famous for her bold acts on stage she has been limelight since then. a shopaholic for sure and can be seen roaming around in labeled clothes all round year. Recently she is busy in making of film scroll down. Last RiRi was spotted in Los Angeles on December 14 in Las Palmas night club. Rihana is definitely making new moves with her raunchy outfits and breath grasping lyrics in music industry. Rihana made 54 million US dollars in 2012

4. Katy Perry

Fans and followers: 7,964,997

katy perry

The biggest hit by Ketty erry “last Friday” night has gone crossed 198,596,699 views and “teenage dreams” has been viewed by 22,558,256 people, Katy Perry the voice of wild teenager, who has captured the air with pop and rock music. Katheryn Elizabeth known by her stage name Katy Perry is working at her mom esque dance moves in her spare time and recently spent a romantic week going ‘public’ with her boyfriend john Mayer. Recently her philanthropist activities includes autograph guitar which is going to auctioned and money will goes to music education program of Grammy foundation.  She made 45 million dollars in 2012.

5. Shakira

Fans and followers: 77,439,449


She is an upcoming mom pop star. The 35-year-old singer posted a snap of herself showing off her baby bump while lying on top of her boyfriend Gerard Piqué. The pregnant pop star seems to be enjoying prenatal life of her and seem fresh and happy creature in snaps taken of her along with her boyfriend. She is so much moved from her current state that the Colombian singer wrote: ‘Podría estar 9 meses más así! I could have another 9 months like this! Shak.’ We wish her best of luck for her baby and love life.She made 20 million US dollars in 2012

6. Eminem

Fans and followers: 90,634,570


He is a famous American rapper, who made his way into music industry with lots of obstacle. Having his debut album (Infinite) in 1996 a total failure dint make him loose hope and in 1999 his major debut album budged with the name The Slim Shady LP managed to get him fame and status anyone could just dream of. He is set to release his next album in 2013. Eminem have always been welcomed for his feat in various songs. He is set for a big show in Ireland on 26th august and many more.

7. Barak Obama

Fans and followers: 61,153,788

brack obama

The first African American, Brack Obama who is currently the 44th President of United States. He responded immediately on terrified Hurricane Sandy and said to the public that “we will recover, we will rebuild, and we will come back stronger, together.” He bridged many political divides, and himself rushed from Florida to Washington to oversee disaster preparations. He is getting effusive praise for his handling of hurricane Sandy situation. Now not only does Mother Nature love him, but hurricane-hit New York City’s three-term billionaire mayor Michael Bloomberg endorsed him in November as well.

8. Britney Spears

Fans and followers: 59,834,439

britny spears

Making 58million dollars from May 2011 till May 2012 she made the top of most earning female singer in 2012 beating Taylor Swift with a very minor margin of one million. Having two kids and divorce in 2006 Britney spears have seen the cruel reality of world and have been in the world of drugs and low life however nothing stopped the enigma in her and she again have resurfaced with same zest and zeal and is ready to rock the stage with superb bikini figure again. Britney spears have always been a heart throbbed and she always will be.

9. Taylor Swift

Fans and followers: 59,834,449

taylor swift

Pop star on its peak clearly describes the stature of taylor swift. She is nominated for 3 Grammy awards 2013. And to top her achievements’ she has been nominated for Golden Globe Award for her song as soundtrack of film Hunger Games “Safe and Sound”. She is gaining the popularity by leaps and bounds and it’s wrong to say that she is true symbol of beauty with brains. She is placed in many top of the line fashion and entertainment magazine because of her really charming beauty and glamour.

She made total of 57 millions in 2012.

10. Cristiano Ronaldo

Fans and followers: 63,657,512

cristiano ronaldo

He is a Portuguese footballer whose name has been nailed in top ten footballers of the world at present in aspect of fame and money. He loves humanity and try to do something in practical for that reason he auctioned his Golden boot he won in 2011 for 1.5 € and donated the amount to the war hit people. He is one of the highest paid sportsmen and also possess the title of sexiest athlete alive in 2012 by people’s magazine.