How popular blogging is in United Kingdom?

popular blogs united kingdomThese days when the real-world earning opportunities are narrowing for the people like you and me, utilizing the online platform to earn up the livings is surely one of the most decent ways of making money. Just like any other country, blogging has emerged out to be as one of the most popular earning strategies for the British citizens who are enjoying great revenues with the method mentioned.

If you are an UK resident and looking forward to start your own blog, you surely need some motivation and living examples of your locality so that following their examples, you can learn a great deal in terms of niche selection and revenue generating techniques.

Here are the most popular blogs of United Kingdom that are been judged by their Alexa ratings. Have a look!


Alexa Rank: 363

Been online since 2005, Mashable is now known as the biggest social media blog with an overall 20 Millions of unique viewers each month. The site has now grown significantly, becoming the best source of Social media and technology news.


Alexa Rank: 557

techcrunch uk blog

Techcrunch is a well-known site when your needs are all related to the new technology, be it the mobile phones, the new laptops or the news related to the big technological companies. As it is, much of the improvements and developments are been done in Europe itself and thus, this makes the uk.techcrunch one of the most leading sites related to the field of technology.


Alexa Rank: 30,729


The site enjoys a good targeted traffic which loves to know all about football. The content been shared here is mostly about Arsenal football club .


Alexa Rank: 31,614

The blog mainly focuses on the gadget reviews and technology. The site has over 60,000 subscribers and serves over 1 million page views per month.


Alexa Rank: 41,784

Branded3 is an integrated Digital and SEO agency, combining web design and development with leading SEO specialists. It is one of the best digital agencies in the UK and have been winning many awards for the services it provides.


Alexa Rank: 42,234


Been launched in May 2005, the blog is based on entertainment, covering all latest gossips and news related to the showbiz world. The site is based in London, UK and enjoys a good traffic from all over the world.


Alexa Rank: 64,014


One of the most interesting blogs of UK with an open handed niche, Caroline Middlebrook, the owner of the site reveals all what that comes in to her mind.


Alexa Rank: 69,665

tech digest

Tech Digest is one of Europe’s leading sites for consumer technology news, reviews and opinion.


Alexa Rank: 73,722


B3TA has been described as a “puerile digital arts community” and features funny and interesting things found on the Web. It enjoys a good viewership per month.


Alexa Rank: 74,500


Chromasia is a photo blog, one of the most popular photo blogs of UK owned by David J Nightingale.

With this post, there is one thing that clicks into the mind that people, all over the world are trying to make blogging their career by sharing anything they have as a talent.


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