TOP 20 Poorest Countries in the world in 2013

MalawiWith the increasing population of the world, it’s the poor countries that suffer the most. While their people are an asset of the developing countries, these under developed countries suffer in all aspects. If you compare these countries with the richest and developed ones, you will notice that from the economy to the living standard of every individual, it’s all too under-rated.

Here are the top 10 poorest countries and their miserable facts according to the recent statistics of 2013. Have a look!

#1. Congo

GDP Per Capita: $348


The destructive, devastating and deadliest war in the history of Africa, Congo wars, has not only collapsed the economy but has murdered millions of people from the eight nations involved, it has also ruined the land completely, killing almost 5.4 million people from diseases and starvation. The country is still drowning into the tears of deaths.

#2. Liberia

GDP Per Capita: $456


The city governed by slaves for slaves is trying to follow the footsteps of United States, beginning from the adoption of the governmental system to rise up the fear of the massive massacre in the civil war, where 15000 child soldiers fought on all sides. There are thousands of pictures describing the terrifying stories of murders and starvations.

#3. Zimbabwe

GDP Per Capita: $487


Surprisingly the major blow to the country’s economy is not because of deficient resources or being the victim of wars but it is because of increase morbidity and deaths! The life expectancy in Zimbabwe is the lowest in the world, where men living for 37 years and women living for 34 years only. If Zimbabwe is provided with better awareness programs regarding AIDS and HIV, the country has potential to get down on the list.

#4. Burundi

GDP Per Capita: $615


If the country comes out and look beyond own issues it could prosper and make some money. Peace doesn’t seem to ever existed on the land and tribal and civil wars has found homes that has made people suffer and burned in the fire of rivalries. More than 57% kids are suffering severe from malnutrition and thousands of people dying due to AIDS and hunger. The Country earns majority of its revenue from coffee.

#5. Eritrea

GDP Per Capita: $735


Even with their hands on the sea route through the Suez Canal, Eritrea seems to be under privileged because the country was either in the hands of Italians colonies or was homed to British. In either way the people have always been under the stick that has made them poor.

#6. Central African Republic

GDP Per Capita: $768

Central African Republic

There could be no country unlucky, unfortunate and cursed more than Central African Republic, because even with their hands from gold to diamond and oil to lumber and uranium the people in the country living on $1 a day. The land truly needs a mind of miner and hands of machines to use their land to stop drowning to deaths every day.

#7. Niger

GDP Per Capita: $771


Difficult to believe but it is the discrimination that has engulfed the land. Being in the land of desserts and sunny summers isn’t unfortunate because a better mind can grow anything, but it’s the political instability and disproportion between men and women that has made the country to pay a huge amount.

#8. Sierra Leone

GDP Per Capita: $849

Sierra Leone

A hard story to believe but, a country that is giving away trillions to the entire globe in the form of best diamonds, titanium and bauxite is living an under privileged life. Almost 70% of the people wish to eat twice a day. The people of the third largest natural harbor of the world are suffering because ingenuous and trust worthiness has been extinct long ago.

#9. Malawi

GDP Per Capita: $860


It is one the countries striving for basic necessaries of life. Its own people have become its enemy. The IMF refused to help and stopped the aid disbursements due to ongoing worsening situations as every day the corruptions has been cultivating strongly on land. But Finally US granted Malawi eligibility status to receive financial support.

#10. Togo

GDP Per Capita: $899


The land of agriculture, cultivating, coffee, cocoa and cotton generate about 40% of export earning, though it is the largest producer of phosphorus but still half of the population is living on $1.25 a day.

#11. Madagascar

GDP Per Capita: $934

Madagascar famous for its scenic beauty and forest attracts large amount of tourists in their homeland however with time there have been large amount of decrease in tourism and foreign investment due to uncertain conditions in the country. 69% of the population lives below poverty line tourist since 2009 have reduced to half giving a huge setback to economy of the country.

#12. Afghanistan

GDP Per Capita: $956

A homeland of proxy war will correctly define the landlocked country of Afghanistan. Once opium was the main source of income of the country. Currently with stats like GDP per capita $956 unemployment rate 35% and most important population living on less than $1 is estimated about 42% the country stands among most poorest in the world.

#13. Guinea

GDP Per Capita: $1,083


The country is blessed with every natural blessing that any other country just dream of including gold, bauxite, and aluminum and also has the potential to produce large amount of hydroelectric power in their own homeland. However the ill thinking of some autocratic ruler has led a huge downfall in booming economy of Guinea.

#14. Mozambique

GDP Per Capita: $1,085

One of the poorest and agrarian based economy country. Mozambique manages to have minimum $60 as legal salary per month which hard fulfills the basic necessities of a human daily life.

#15. Ethiopia

GDP Per Capita: $ 1,093


The country suffer bottom line of poverty for decades. More than 55% population in the capital Addis Ababa is forced to live in slums, even though GDP is growth is increasing by leaps and bounds however per capita income is one of the lowest in the world.

#16. Mali

GDP Per Capita: $1,128


Dependent upon foreign aid the country remains in the list of poorest countries of the world with per capita income US$1.25 a day. Economy is heavily depends upon agriculture estimated 65% in total. Mali is also in debt of IMF at current situation.

#17. Guinea-Bissau

GDP Per Capita: $1,144


Despite hostile behavior of international community it manages to draw large amount of money in the country by transshipping cocaine and other drugs especially in Europe. The legal economy is shown to be dependent upon farming and fishing however the underground business of narcotics is on boom.

#18. Comoros

GDP Per Capita: $ 1,232


Comoros total area occupies three islands with increasing population and depleting resources the country is listed one of the poorest in the world in 2008 when 50% population lives below poverty line.

#19. Haiti

GDP Per Capita: $1,235


The country is famous for cheap labor and tariff free access to US for many of its exports which always made good contribution towards the economy of Haiti. However it wasn’t spared by the catastrophe of nature in 2010 when 7.0 magnitudes hit the mother land of Haiti giving it a huge financial setback.

#20. Uganda

GDP Per Capita: $1,317


Uganda is listed among the poorest countries of the world due to the fact that 37.3% population lives even below the international poverty line on less than $1.25 a day. Even being blessed with many natural resources and success in reducing the poverty from 56% to 31% poverty still exists like plague in the country.


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  1. I am really sad to see those all the poorest countries. What is the government doing there. They really need education, money, better health and motivation to grow up. Thanks Nida to cover such a nice topic.

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  3. According to the Ranking of these 20 poorest countries the primary responsibilities of all the NGOs to doing well for these countries for decreasing the rate of inflation as well as stable the level of economy in aspect to making the Inflation free World. The secondary responsibility which Government should never be ignore .The Government of these countries should have to pay attention toward their Economy and save the child and youth from swear diseases such as AIDS and HIV.

  4. Poor remain poor and rich people search a way to get richer

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