15 Poorest Countries In The World in 2013

poor  countries 2013The basic principle to lead a happy and contented life is to learn from the examples been set and to keep a track of the people and places who are leading a miserable life. No matter how busy you are in making some money for yourself, it is really important that you also know how the other side of the story is. Once you know that you are not the only one suffering, you will see how motivated will you be.

We have been discussing about the richest countries, richest people  and what not, but here is something you should not miss.  Here are the 15 most poorest countries in the world according to the stats been revealed in 2013.

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1) Congo

GDP Per Capita: $348


The largest country of the world which was initially known as Zaire until 1997, is home to six million people overdue the population of France. The devastating bloody years of Second Congo War has not only buried 5.4 million people to the ground from 1998-2008 but also has drown the people to poverty forever.

2) Liberia

GDP Per Capita: $456


The only estate which has never been invaded by European rulers instead it is ruled by prisoners. The only country which was founded and colonized by free slaves of America, so when country lacks a ruler there comes mismanagement and wars. The civil war following when the President of Liberia was overthrown in 1980 still has drowning effects and has forced the country into starvation and poverty, with 80% of population living below $1 a day.

3) Zimbabwe

GDP Per Capita: $487

Development, advancement and money come with experience, and experience follow the footsteps of mistakes you do while you grow old. Zimbabwe is old because here the people never get old. 20.1% of population dies with HIV and AIDS, it has the lowest expectancy. The corruption and life issues are predisposing factors to poverty.

4) Burundi

GDP Per Capita: $615

zimbabwe poor country.jpg

It has not only been the poor legal system, lack of economic freedom, proliferation of HIV & AIDS or not being blessed with its own water, it’s the war within home that has rotten the roots of the country and made them landed into this list. It never really had peaceful time as it is quite eminent for its tribal and civil wars.

5) Eritrea

GDP Per Capita: $735

This country has the biggest key, the shortest way, Suez Canal, a connection between Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea from where thousands of ships can cross through the gate way, still the people are devoid of fame and money because the people of the land could never own their land as it was always been under intruders. The land is affected by Italian and British colonizers so the domestic product never grew. The GDP was estimated at 2 percent.

6) Central African Republic

GDP Per Capita: $768


The land has gold to diamonds, crude oil to uranium still people have no money to buy food though diamond constitute the major export of the country which is about 40-55% of the revenue. 45% of the population does not even have more than a dollar a day. The country lies on the bottom of MDG goal and so they can receive foreign aid.

7) Niger

GDP Per Capita: $771


The country is covered with sandy hot dessert depriving of plants and crops leaving people deficient of food and money. The poverty is exacerbated by political instability and inequality which effect a girl, women and children. The country receives funds under the International Monetary Fund Program to overcome death by hunger.

8) Sierra Leone

GDP Per Capita: $849


It is a West African country which is blessed with a world’s third largest natural harbor, where shipping and exchange from all over the world is free, still the country underlies the list of being poorest even though you will be surprise to know the land is studded with high-class diamonds, titanium and bauxite and the economy depends upon the export.

9) Malawi

GDP Per Capita: $860

Malawi has gone through recession when the investments fell 23%, IMF and many individual stopped aid disturbances on the basis of increase corruption on the land. But in 2006 the relief was approved under Heavily Indebted Poor Countries program and so the US also granted the eligibility for country to receive funds within Millennium Challenge Corporation in a hope to decrease death from hunger.

10) Togo

GDP Per Capita: $899


It is a West African, sub-Saharan country that mainly depends upon agriculture. The land exports the world’s best cocoa beans, coffee beans, cotton. The IMF encouraged foreign exchange halted over the issue of political instability which disrupted the vital economy, shrank the tax bases and jeopardize the reform program which devastated the economy. Togo is among the largest producer of phosphate.

11) Madagascar

GDP Per Capita: $934


It is an island country in the Indian Ocean which split from India 88 million years ago. Half of the population lives under the poverty line having not more than a dollar even though the economy stands over the agriculture and tourism. More than 50% of tourism dropped in 2009 due to corruption and instability that gave a blow to the current GDP of the country.

12) Afghanistan

GDP Per Capita: $956

Afghanistan is the only poorest country that is a land of never ending wars they may not have money to eat but they definitely know how to survive. The environmental instabilities, health issues, political instability, lack of freedom of living and investing has gone to such an extent that 42% of the population live on less than $ 1 dollar a day.

13) Guinea

GDP Per Capita: $1,083

Whether it’s about gold, diamonds or hydroelectric power, the country has gems from resources to people, but still they are one of the poorest because of their autocratic rulers. The country has poor infrastructure and corruption is the pre disposing factors letting the investors not to house large-scale investment projects. 80% of the population is involved into agriculture importing the world’s best pineapples, bananas, peanuts, palm oil and coffee beans.

14) Mozambique

GDP Per Capita: $1,085

A country South-east of Africa initially had successful economic reforms that have led to remarkable growth rate but the devastating flood of early 2000 has washed away hopes of ever being healthy again and infiltrated them with disappointments and poverty. Rapid expansion, major foreign investment projects, revival of agriculture, tourism sector and transportation are hopes to the people to get eradicated from the list soon.

15) Ethiopia

GDP Per Capita: $1,093

Architecture to poor health facilities has badly affected the life of the people and life expectancy. The economy is mainly dependent upon agriculture but poor fertility and lack of agricultural tool support is a leading cause of poverty on the land.

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