Top 10 Poorest Countries in the World 2012

10 POOR COUNTRIES IN 2012With the increasing population of the world, it’s the poor countries that suffer the most. While their people are an asset of the developing countries, these under developed countries suffer in all aspects. If you compare these countries with the richest and developed ones, you will notice that from the economy to the living standard of every individual, it’s all too under-rated.

Here are the top 10 poorest countries and their miserable facts according to the recent statistics.

10. TOGO:


Tamberma country

It is known as “The Slave Coast” because it was a major trading center for Europeans in search of slaves. The largest producer of phosphate, its economy mainly depend upon agriculture that contributes around 48% to GDP because of climate that provides a good growing season, especial concern given to cocoa, cotton, gold powder and coffee, which are exported worldwide. Lack of aid and depressed cocoa prices generated fall in GDP. Trading is also an important in economic activity such as alcohols, cigarettes, perfumes and used automobiles to neighboring countries, but the political instability eroded the trading market thereby avoiding economic growth. The other sectors contributing to GDP are services: 40.1% and industry around 20.4%.



The major revenue is brought by agriculture that contributes around 37% to GDP and 85% of export revenues, important of which is tobacco which accounts for 70% of revenue and also on tea, sugarcane and coffee, and financial wealth is generally concentrated in the hands of small holder farmers that produce verity of crops, and financial support via Millennium Challenge Corporation also contributes to GDP. The IMF refused to provide funding due to increase corruption in the country. The government also faces strong challenges regarding education and health facilities, deforestation and erosion there by effecting the agricultural growth. It is ranked as 118 safest investment destinations in the world.



Tokeh beach in sierra leone

It is the least developed country, majorly generating its revenue by majorly producing diamond mine and gold and believe it is sufficient for the country there by they did not invested in agriculture of commodity products and industrial development but still it has a low GDP of $ 849 and 70% of population lives under the poverty line. Its economy was always been hampered by exploitation of minerals. It also depends upon multiple donors that contribute 60% of its healthcare budget.



Laborers work to produce salt at Teguidda-n-Tessoumt in Niger.

The country faces major economical problems because 80% of the country is covered with Sahara Desert, also due to political instabilities and crises, and inequality towards girls and women hinders the economic growth of the country. The country’s economy is mainly dependent upon, live stock, export of uranium internal market, export of raw commodities, raw minerals to world market. Fluctuation to their GDP is mainly due to fluctuation of prices of uranium. 14 % of GDP is generated from livestock production such as camel, goats, and sheep.



Bangui area, capital of central african republic

It in one of the least developed countries, bares good natural resources such as diamond, gold, minerals, crude oil and hydropower but due to corruption, illegal activities and poor environment its cannot grow economically. Agriculture together with forestry is acting as a backbone of economy contributing 55% to GDP, Diamond industry contributes 54% and nearly 16 % of export in encountered via Timber.



The beach of Assara in Eritrea

The countries economy is basically dependent upon agriculture; about 80% of population is involved in agriculture. A person faces poor health, education, work and infrastructure problems but has an advantage that it controls the route through the Suez Canal.



type of homes in burundi

The Burundi’s economy is widely effected to local crises, the people are always busy in tribal wars, lack of freedom and low literacy rate has made the condition worse about one fifth of populations suffers from HIV AIDS.



people of zimbabwe suffering from starvation and hunger.

It is the third poorest country in the world; life expectancy is lowest because many people died due to HIV AIDS. High rate of illiteracy, unhygienic conditions, and high inflation rate corruption has further affected the economy. It’s a landlocked country with abundant wildlife and forests but due to lack of fuel it leads to extensive deforestation. The economy is widely been affected due to political violence, destruction, hunger and nonprofit cash crops development.



liberian people shows variety of culture

Liberia has very poor education system, and is govern by the prisoners who were released by Americans; it is suffering from economic crises since 1980 due to military crises and today about 85% of population living below international poverty line. Its GDP declines, estimated by 90% between1989-1995 due to outbreak of civil war, though initially it was one of the two modern countries in sub Saharan Africa and was a founding member of UN. Its economy mainly based on foreign aid, foreign direct investment and export of iron ore, timber and rubber, its diamond export was banned in 2001.



congolese village

It is the largest country that has around 6 million people living in and is the most poorest country in the world after second Congo war started in 1998 that effaced the economy badly, besides the poor infrastructure due to bad topography, worse geography and is subjected to highest frequency of thunderstorm in the world, and corruption has even made the condition worse. Every year the rate of morbidity over mortality increases due to widespread disease and famine, arm conflicts. Initially before Congo wars it was the second most industrialize country in regarding mining and agriculture Africa with untapped deposits of raw material and now 2/3 of population suffer from malnutrition. Their main economy depends upon mining, but to date mining has been on small scale even though the land mineral resources worth US $24 trillion.

It is a dilemma that most of the time we hardly think about the suffering ones and consider our own surroundings the most pathetic ones. It’s a hard time now where we should actually start valuing what we have and must do something to help these poor countries, serve humanity, save lives!


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