5 Platforms you should NOT miss to promote your Brands!

PrintSocial media is turning into a giant monster hijacking every other domain, making it highly dependent on itself. No matter which ever business you belong to, you need to understand the fact that in order to make your business readily available in the market and to create a good market for your product, you need to use the social media for marketing your brand. It was Facebook ONLY yesterday, but you have much better, yet bigger opportunities to promote your brand.

Here are 5 most recent platforms you can use to promote your brand and give a boost to your earnings!

1. Vine

Vine is a new mobile app that allows users to record six-second clips of looped video. This app was launched by Twitter last month; since then it rapidly gained popularity and also rose above iTunes App Store. Vine gives you new opportunities to conveniently humanize your brand. It provides you with valuable ways of storytelling and unique visual content by giving an insider’s look into the company.

Vine is being used by several brands, for instance: Urban Outfitters. They were the first ones to actually create a Vine. MSNBC used vine to reveal the inside stories of its newsroom; process followed in making a latte was shown by a local coffee and Wheat Thin utilized Vine during Super Bowl to be closer to his fans.

2. The (New) Myspace

Last year brought a revival for Myspace. It went through a makeover to finally be called a hub for creative content. It is most commonly preferred for music as such extensive libraries need a proper platform to be showcased. Myspace provides its consumers with a proper channel to interact with artists and brands and also to share and discover music, photos and videos. This new Myspace gives people a chance to go deeper and deeper in order to connect the consumers more easily and productively. It is a right place for all the brands in the music industry.

MySpace’s success, in the long run, is truly exciting for brands with such great ecommerce expanding opportunities. Myspace is recently amalgamated with Facebook and Twitter and is now planning to get together with Pinterest and Instagram very soon.

3. Pheed

Pheed was launched in 2012 and has more than a million users. It is more popular among artists, photographers, filmmakers, actors and teens. This has started to gain a strong footing very rapidly due to being a pay-as-you-go social network. Here, one creates his/her own channel to share text, photos, and videos, audio and live broadcasts.

The best thing about this social network is that it charges for content which thereby helps in maintaining the quality and charm of the content. It also offers a bonus feature of social media which allows loyal consumers to access beloved brands. Celebrities like Miley Cyrus are already on this social network while others are still in doubt.

4. Snapchat

Snapchat is a mobile app that was launched in the beginning of 2013. This quickly gained popularity among the youngsters as it allows one to send a photo message that is self destructive after a few seconds. On the other hand, it failed to convince the marketers. However, one brand still managed to try its luck!

Snapchat is an answer to the marketer’s doubts and confusions. This is a perfect example of a risk that really pays off at the end.

5. Thumb

Thumb is a mobile app with huge consumer rating. This is a great opportunity to marketers all around the world as it allows a user to upload a photo and ask the viewers to give their views about it with either thumbs up or thumbs down. Thumb is rapidly gaining popularity and generating serious customers thereby becoming another most clocked social network after Facebook. It provides one with a great way to get feedback from the consumers.

Not every social network can fit your work and your brand like keeping tabs for your brand as feedback might not provide you with a way to interact with your consumers. You should constantly work on considering how to best engage with the customers and provide them with a more useful content. You need to visualize first and then engage your brand with the best fit. Always put your customers first and make your brand benefit from it.


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