5 Places to Celebrate Christmas this Year

chrstmas party in 2012While the world is all busy in the preparations of celebrating Christmas these days, We found it as our duty to contribute in letting you plan your Christmas Party effectively. As it is Our First Christmas with our readers, we are dedicating this month to our Christian Brothers who would be getting a good deal of Ideas regarding the occasion. Give and take of gifts is a common practice in Christmas, followed by a Christmas party where all the friends and family enjoy the eve together. While I was searching for a place to choose it for the Christmas party, I couldn’t get anything relevant. Obviously that left me with the topic that I am sharing with my readers here. If you are looking for a perfect place to plan a Christmas party for your loved ones, then here are 5 Amazing ideas.

On a Beach

Any occasion been planned on a beach turns in to a successful one most of the time, this is what my personal experience is. Whether it’s a birthday party or a wedding ceremony, the guests love the surroundings. Choosing a beach or a sea side is a wise decision as the cold air there add further charm in the occasion. Moreover, In countries where bays are far from cities, people usually get less opportunity to go to the sea and enjoy there. From the scenic point of view, the blue sky and the sea creates a good view to take snaps and chill out. Imagine a Santa serving you cold drinks and refreshments on the beach and you enjoying the party fullest with you friends and family. Wow, the thought is amazing itself.

christmas party on a beach

In the Hotel

If you are a socialite and have lots of friends and relatives and you look forward to host a grand party, then arranging a hotel for the occasion is a wise decision. Where there are waiters and management team to look after you guests, you don’t really need to worry much about the comforts of your guests. In fact by spending more, you actually reduce your load. People also enjoy going to hotels to have a light time and enjoy with their loved ones.

christmas party in a hotel

In a Mall

I have seen people with lots of wealth but no friends at all. They often prefer loneliness, especially on events like Easter and Christmas. What I believe is, Everyone should contribute in the Holy events as much as they can because it is important to carry our traditions ahead.So for the rich ones out there, arranging a general Christmas party, open for all, in a mall can be a good choice. Malls often provide spaces for such events.

christmas party in a mall

In a Hall

Though the idea resembles to that of celebrating it in a hotel, however it is quite different in reality. Community halls or private clubs offers spaces and halls on rent where ceremonies and parties can be held. For friends and youngsters, who prefer complete privacy for the events, halls are a good choice. A DJ can also be appointed to look after the music for the party. A pre-decided menu can be ordered to the caterers, in short a party, the way you want!

christmas party in a hall

At Home Sweet Home!

If you lead a simple life and enjoy being at home, then a family oriented party is best suited in home sweet home. Enjoying yummy home made dishes and exchanging gifts with siblings, that has its own charm, which is best of all. Its is important to decorate the home accordingly and a Christmas Tree all decorated with lights is surely what add more colors to the eve. If you are finding the above four ideas a bit difficult to choose then go for this one.


Share Happiness this Christmas.

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