Philip Hughes Didn’t Die- He Was Murdered!

Philip Hughes and his death conspiracy Life is surely unpredictable and death is the ultimate destination of each soul. Knowing that every soul has to taste death, some of the uncertain incidents leave the world all shocked and very similar unfortunate day has just passed by. Yes, we are here, talking about Philip Hughes. The title of this post has had surprised you for sure but taking a keener look into the life of Hughes, it is clear to signify with how important cricket has always been to him and it was his passion that finally took his life. He was an outstanding Australian player batsman and no doubt with his demise the world have lost world-class cricket player for a very long time. With his death a large space have taken its its place which will only shrink with the passage of time. There might be multiple reasons we can have to say he was not a good player player but a good man too.

Knowing Philip Joel Hughes

Phillip Joel Hughes (30 November 1988 – 27 November 2014) was an Australian Test and One-Day International (ODI) cricketer who played domestic cricket for South Australia and Worcestershire. He was opening batsman for australian cricket team he made his debut for the international boundaries at the mere age of 20

Philip as a Cricketer


philip hughes murderJust at the debut year and small age of 20 he confirmed his presence in the test cricket and his team too when he scored his first century in test match and became the first only Australian player to score century on his debut against sri lanka but this is not all he again in the second innings scored 163 runs and astonished the world of cricket with his out class batting and skills which no doubt was unmatchable with current players of same or other team. This was just the beginning of him towards becoming one of the living legend however the world wasn’t fortunate enough to see him up to that status.

Peek into the Personal life

He was a good man and a person too thus it can be believed too without a shadow of doubt due the several occasions when his team mates and even the whole world cricket players and fans were seen shedding tears for his tragic death leaving the world of cricket in sorrow and dismay. He last year bought a large land comprising of 220 acres macksville.

The Causality – The Death

philip joyle hughes

His cause of death occurred on 25th November when in a match in Sydney cricket ground while facing bowler sean abbott he faced a bouncer and received it on his neck and on spot got on ground and then was never seen getting up except in his coffin on 27th November when he breathed for last time in st vincents hospital Sydney after remaining in coma for two consecutive days. The Moment the ball struck the player on ground Australian board announced to abandon cricket at the very moment stating  “Given how players across the country are feeling right now, it’s just not the day to be playing cricket.” He died just three days before his 26th birthday however in our mind and heart he will remain forever at 63 runs not out.

We pray for his soul to rest in peace,