How PewDiePie Became the Most Subscribed Channel of YouTube

 PewDiePie Became the Most Subscribed Channel of YouTubeAmongst the social media website that float in today’s market, YouTube is the most used website. YouTube works on the formula of subscribing your own channel if a person wants to promote his work or videos. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg was also a normal YouTube channel subscriber who is also known by the name of PewDiePie. An internet sensation, he is a comedian and at the same time a video producer as well. A Swedish international, PewDiePie has the record to his name of being the most subscribed gaming channel on YouTube.

He holds a lot of distinct achievements which are as followed.

Top of the YouTube subscribers’ chart – PewDiePie

PewDiePie Brofist

YouTube is the only channel that is making people millionaire like no other social media website. Amongst the top 100 video producers on YouTube, PewDiePie holds the record for topping the list. One can get a general idea of how famous this guy is by noting that during the month of July 2012 he had an increase in the subscribers by an amount of 1.5 million within 30 days while having 212 million views on his videos. By the July of 2014, he stormed his way into becoming the all-time most subscribed YouTuber. He holds the record with a total of 28.7 million online subscribers.

Work for good cause

PewDiePie also work for the good cause. Creating general awareness about the cleanliness of the environment and taking care of the animals. He has endorsed WWF in a couple of his videos. He raised awareness by raising money for the charity in his video about the ‘clean water initiative’.

A little insight about the viewing

PewDiePieOne of the reasons of how PewDiePie became famous is the retention time of videos on YouTube. Complete viewing of videos meant more promotions. Keeping this thing in mind that it’s the watch time across the whole viewing session. It is only possible if you have good video content. Gamers for instance upload around 8+ videos/week with an average stretch of 9.38 minutes video. Consider this, if PewDiePie uploads only 7 videos/week with a 15 minutes video content, which generally gains 500,000 views. Then by the end of the week, the watch time of his videos will be 57.5 million minutes/week.

There is another reason behind his videos getting more views i.e. his nationality. YouTube basically promotes channels locally, for instance a video uploaded in Florida will be watched in Florida than in other states of the USA. And if you live in USA, then your videos will be served within USA until you gather enough views from other countries. Only this way your videos will be promoted to people across the world. Now PewDiePie is Swedish national by birth and first started uploading videos from Sweden, where he did gain a lot of followers in a market as there was very minimum competition. Since then he moved to Italy and promotes videos from Italy. Now as he speaks good English so his videos soon got started heavily viewed in UK.

This way his path for getting into the USA’s market became quite easy for him. Summing it up, his movement in different countries allowed more viewers which increased his enormous fan base.

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