My Personal Tips on Becoming a Skillful Freelancer

learn to earn with freelancingWith the high pace enhancement in the field of online money making business, being jobless has become difficult these days. Smartearningmethods has have always taken a keen interest in providing the simplest and yet, the most efficient ways to make money online. Not only this, but we try to facilitate the readers to teach them all what they must know beforehand to achieve the best results. I started my online career as a blogger, and soon after that my interest in money making forced me to get inclined towards freelancing at the same time too.

As promised earlier, here is the detailed post on how one can make a use of thousands of freelancing opportunities on the basis of my own experience, which brought me a profit, which is enough to be praised.

1) Choose a freelance site

We have been sharing a truly cherished list of most effective freelancing websites where the best ones are freelancers, elance, etc. The one that worked out best for me was (I will reveal the hidden secrets of freelancer soon in my upcoming posts). I signed up for the freelancer, as a beginner, which is free. This means no money at sign up is required for a beginner account. With the first step been done, all i thought was, the idea was not so easy to be admired.

offers at freelancer


Once u signed up, make it clear that, if steps, that are discussed below are not followed, then you have simply wasted your time till now. Opening an account, which is itself a beginner one, gives you no privilege, but a formal ID and password.

2) DONT let it be EMPTY!

Imagine of a Facebook profile with no profile picture, no status updates, no friends in the list and no general information available. Will you ever add such a person to be friends with? Certainly NOT! After i signed up for my account, an empty page appeared which i considered to be my earning source. Although the websites do recommend building a strong profile by giving suggestions, we, the lazy ones, often neglect them. What I did, giving primarily emphasis to building a strong profile, is I chose a professional profile picture, (it’s better to keep one profile picture to use on professional businesses), edited the general information which included name, age, country, etc.

3) Learn to Define Yourself!

The toughest part in this step comes here, which we know as writing something about ourselves. Its a pity that even after learning so much knowledge, gaining all possible wisdom, apparently available in surroundings, we sometimes fail badly in writing few lines about ourselves. I still remember, in my first job in a logistic services department, my boss, who selected me on the basis of my interview, showed me the job Performa’s that were filled by PhDs, where they wrote under the heading of ‘define yourself’ using the words, ‘I m a very emotional person, who trust people easily and suffer…’, just imagine!

See, your clients that visit your profile before selecting you for the contract, look for something that is related to their domain where your skills can aid their requirements. The few lines that i wrote about myself were as follow:

”I m an effective person and knows his capabilities and believes in providing the best output before time. My weakness is, I cannot tolerate mismanagement”

Now, I hope, that makes the point clear, if not, then consider the above stated lines again. The potential client learnt seven things about me that only have a positive outlook, the client would analyze that I m an effective worker, confident about my potentials, hardworking, knows the rules of time management, high quality work assurance and lastly, the statement leaves an alarming notification too that I am not ON for mismanagement in terms of any mean.

4) Dial the Right Button to make its use!

The freelancing sites offer a huge variety of pre defined categories that are needed to be selected initially and immediately to start getting job notifications. Although the idea is simple enough to be clicked only, but in reality, this is what decides your scope in the freelancing career. Think for a while about your potentials and jot down on a piece of paper. Think about all possible huddles and plus points that u might come across if u get a contract of a particular category you selected. Being a computer system engineer, having specialties in software development and programming, i ticked these two categories in the IT category. Article writing which is basically my hobby which further earned gold medals with my blogging skills; I selected article writing, content writing and SEO writing. Then I went through all other categories and selected those that were matching more or less to my other secondary skills, like translation, thesis, typing, data entry, etc.

select categories in freelancing

5) Convince the client-play with words!

After step 4, you get notified on the below right side on the screen if you are online on the freelancing site, else a notifying email is sent to the connected email address. You will notice that jobs are posted twice in a minute in your selected category, but there are really few lucky ones who avail the opportunity. As a starter, what I did in bidding for the first most favorable job offer was, I bid not very high and not very low, the clients look for freelancers who can produce a quick output and luckily this guess of mine turned out to be true. How lucky the day became for me when the first contract I bid for, accepted the proposal and my client messaged me that she think I have the potential to work for her. You might be thinking what hidden ingredients would I have added in the proposal, that simple. Sites like freelancer allows you to write a convincing paragraph after the must filled columns during bidding. I noticed that other freelancers were writing all crap in that column, for example, ‘I have gud english, i work very fast…etc.’, learning from such samples, I gave the proposal my own shade. I wrote:

tips to write good proposals in freelancing

So you see, your clients are people like you and me, having all senses wide open and not the robots. They judge you with every word of yours, and at the same time with words you haven’t even used.

As a result of so much of hard word and added technicalities, I was able to get this client in my first ever attempt made in the freelancing world. The client contacted me the next day with the following words:

got a client on freelancer

I have been working for this client for 2 months and have been earning really good for writing SEO articles around $1.5 per article of 400 words. The clients sometimes ask me to write 4 articles a day bringing me $6 as an additional income along with blogging. However, there is so much on what I have to sacrifice daily, which is long enough to consume a separate post.

I hope my personal experience and the tactics that I have added in the online money making business, turns out to be equally beneficial for you too.

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