10 Peaceful Cities to visit this Summer-2013

peaceful holiday places 2013Getting a leave from your office and planning to enjoy this summer with family and friends is certainly a great idea you must think of. Summers are the real time to chill out with your loved ones, keeping your work on stand-by for some days or perhaps a week so that you can actually reboot your capabilities for the next entire session of workload and tough life, which is now a part of human life.

While selecting a location to spend your vacations on, you need to frame out your hopes from the place you plan to visit. It is obvious that the first requirement on list is the availability of peaceful environment and here are the 10 most suited places to visit this summer.

Have a look!

1)New York City

New York City

The agglomeration of the best exists here; if you got money then it is a heaven for you. The entire city can’t be ever discovered in one visit but you must experience the thrilling fear of falling down from the Statue of Liberty, walk through the best the city has to offer by visiting market place inside of Grand Central Station. If you love animals then you are going to love Manhattan where you can see more than 1,400 species in various habitats. The city provides great vacation deals you may get pleased by Hotel Giraffe special offer, hurry up don’t miss.

2) Peru


If you love nature you are going to love Peru! From Europeans to Africans and Asian you will find the flamboyant mixture of human cultures but if you are fluent in Spanish your trip is going to be just amazing wandering day and night wondering when will stop finding astonishing specie because the land has over 21,000 species of plants and animals. Whether you love snow or sun it is going to fill your wishes with its climatic diversities. You just need to take care of your bags and do not let your girls go alone.

3) Florida

miami florida

Do you love oranges? You are going to be madly in love with Florida because the limes, lemons, grapefruit and oranges were never been so citrus, juicy and heavenly tasty. Since it is mostly cost line, it’s time to dive-in, in Sea World, check out the Disney World, the huge dangerous alligators and cute tiny fishes. You would love to spent time from where many of the space shuttle launches depart.

4) Miami


It has got everything for everyone but Coco Frio is a treat to everyone. Get on your paddle boat and ought on an aquatic adventure. If you love colors and creations you could not manage to escape the Wynnewood Wall, which is a art gallery. Get your tickets done because you will surely do not like to miss Miami/Bahamas Goombay Festival in June, which is a nation’s largest black heritage festival which is considered to be the pinnacle of fun.

5) Florianópolis


People here spending quality life, offering you one of the great escapes to their fabulous beaches, admirable scenery, Velha Figueira where you can see 100+ years old tree shimmering and standing under sun. Get your suits done for Paragliding, Sand boarding, Trekking, Windsurfing and Scuba-Diving under the best view of the world. If you are working over a restricted budget you would love to see the offers by Pousada da Lagoinha and get pleased with the beach front view.

6) Taos


It gets you the best snow in New Mexico in Taos Ski valley, so get your ski board and get ready to speed down the hill. And if you want to update your ski equipments shops at Taos Ski Valley will be pleased to help you empty your bank account. If you got tired wandering around the city the budget restaurants are the best places to find a delicious food within $25. If you are interested in naive American life history then you must check it out the most photographic destination, quintessential example of Pueblo Revival.

7) Berlin


Get ready to pack your bags for February 14, 2014 because once again the 64th Berlin International Film Festival is going to held in the heart of Germany, Berlin where the great sights are scattered over the city. There are around 350 wow factor in the Berlin’s architecture which should not be miss but you should never forget to get a picture with the huge Altar of Zeus and the famous Ishtar Gate from Babylon. The memorial military cemetery quietly lies in the wings Trep-tower Park. The city has many beautiful places to appreciate and get enchanted.

8) Barcelona


If you love football then you have landed at the home of one of the biggest football club in the world. From celebrities to restaurants and bars to films Barcelona provides you with one of the worthwhile vacations you had for a very long time. A city full of theatre, art, gigs, clubs, shops and more, Barcelona provides a friendly environment for an unforgettable vacation.

9) Leeuwarden


If you love to eat, sleep, drink and get out then Leeuwarden provides you one of the safest and beautiful location on this planet. Linked with a fast train service that connects it with Amsterdam and rest of Netherlands, Leeuwarden is filled with theatres, movie houses, cafes, restaurants and nightclubs, as well as major department stores and sports clubs. The character of the city is charming and lively and yet it offers you the unimaginable journey.

10) San Francisco

San Francisco

Though the city is quite big in terms of attractions to explore within 3 days of vacation but the nicest thing about the place is it is geographical small. There is about 12,000 automobiles drive across the Golden Gate Bridge every day. You should definitely check out how the old prisons look terrified and for that you need to walk through Alcatraz. There are many places to visit but under the must to see places has Chinatown at Grant Avenue, the oldest street surrounded by temples and museum.

Therefore, apply for a leave now, get your tickets reserved and enjoy your precious summers with your family and friends!

Happy Holidays,