PayPal Offers ‘Bill Me Later’ Service to its Customers!

bill me later serviceNo matter which business you are engaged into, these days an online buying is an essential part of the business. Now that the online stores are taking over the physical shopping needs, even the home users, like you and me, are taking a keen interest in shopping online. When it comes to paying online, it has been seen that the home Users as well as the Business owners often found themselves in confusion. How great it would have been if we had to pay for the purchased goods after 6 months? With PayPal it is all possible! The only solution for the problems related to online trade, is of course, PayPal. It has been found that PayPal has come up with a ‘Bill me Later Service, which is functional from the last month. The service works as a middle man where the Small-business owners can make their online purchases and pay later.

The ‘Bill me Later’ Service

You heard it right, PayPal has recently extended its ‘Bill me Later’ program that actually allows the customers to have an instant delivery of order and pay for their purchases later. The need was felt when it was noticed that the customer often found it doubtful to pay online for the service that are in tangent at the time of placing the order. The Bill me later service comes up with most of the products that are offered to be purchased via PayPal. According to Peter Karpas, PayPal’s vice president and general manager for small and medium businesses in North America:

“We’re rolling this initiative out in time to give small businesses a growth boost during the holidays when shoppers can be low on cash,”

The offer has been welcomed open hands by the customers who run small and medium size businesses and are found to avail the offer to its fullest.

The Procedure

It might sound like a credit card payment to you, which is partially correct. What happens is you need to make the purchases more than $99 to use this service for the products that are been supported by the program. Once choices are been made, the program is selected. ‘Bill Me Later’ pays the Merchants instantly after the customer chooses it and the order is confirmed and ready to be delivered. The pending credit approval by the WebBank is necessary here. The customer has now a period of six Months, good enough to pay the amount without paying any additional charges, however, if the customer fails to pay off a purchase within six months, PayPal charges that person interest at an annual rate of 19.99 percent.

The service provides the medium online businesses to enjoy the finance purchases of $99 or more. It seems that PayPal’s decision is more like a treat or rather a gift for those business clients who found themselves restricted due to financial strains. If you are a PayPal user, then make a full use of the service.

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