Pakistan Won the Asia Cup–2012– Incredible Victory!

Pakistan-vs-Bangladesh22nd March 2012, a day that will always be cherished by the cricket lovers of Pakistan, has brought a trophy home, as a gift on Pakistan day i.e 23rd March. This is the 2nd time that Pakistan has made its way to the Asia Cup and after a thrilling Match, Pakistan Succeeded in beating Bangladesh by 2 runs.

The two teams previously met in the opening match of the competition where Pakistan showed a great performance, simply wiping out Bangladesh as they went down by 21 runs, after losing their last five wickets for a mere 17 runs.

I feel proud to state that although we could not make it for the world up, still Pakistan showed a flawless performance in the Asia cup -2012 and in all the previous 30 encounters with Bangladesh, Pakistan won 29. The history made the match more interesting and both the teams – and – the countries had different reasons to keep themselves motivated throughout the match.

pak bating

The game seemed completely opposite to the results just achieved as the match started when Pakistan lost its first wicket with Nasir Jamshed making only 9 runs in 5 overs.

However, by 20th over, Pakistan’s victory seems like a superstition when Pakistan just had 66 runs with a loss of 3 wickets.

In the late overs, Pakistan started its power play strategy and Muhmmad Hafiz, Hammad Azam, Umar Akmal and the man who rules Hearts -Shahid Afridi stroked the pitch high making high run rate finally. By the end of 4oth Over Pakistan stood for 171- 6, when Afridi’s wicket fell down.

If we examine Pakistan’s cricket team performance in its last overs after 6 wickets, we will see that it could never make anything productive as compared to the Indian bating strategies. But this time, it was a total opposite, Pakistani team turned out to a shock by making 19 runs in last over. Pakistan set a target of 236-9 for Bangladesh.

2nd innings started with Muhammad Hafeez’s tremendous bowling. Bangladesh found the game easier for them and made their way without losing any wicket till 17th over, this worried Pakistan and it was a time to take actions. In the 17th over, Shahid Afridi took the first wicket while Bangladesh stood for 68-1.

bangladesh.. real heroes

Throughout the second inning, a tensed air was felt within the crowd, as well as on the pitch too. After the 40th over, Bangladesh’s performance started to decrease and the wickets fall quickly.

pak won

The last over was a package. Pakistan could win; it could lose, as well as there were fair chances of match being dropped when Bangladesh needed 5 runs from 3 balls but Bangladesh landed up with losing another wicket. It was a crucial moment – completely breath taking when Bangladesh needed 3 runs in 1 ball.

pak audience

Finally Pakistan (236/9) beat Bangladesh (234/8) by 2 runs to win the Asia Cup. It was something totally spectacular, a complete incredible victory. Pakistan made it !

after the victory, all the nation started the celebrations immediately. however, it was obviously not a  day for Bangladesh yet they proved themselves as the real Hero for their Nation by striving to survive till the end. Better Luck Next Time guys, you Rocked anyway!

we – the Nation of Pakistan are proud of our TeamSmile

God Bless You Guys,

Pakistan Zindabad


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    monis abbas

  3. i cant comment on pakistan’s victory as nt a cricket lover but write up is awsum….
    keep it up nida

  4. Indeed a great Victory after a lot of us had lost hope. Congratulations team Pakistan and all other Pakistanis :). And well done team Bandladesh. You have impressed us by building and keeping up the momentum till the last delivery of the Asia cup. Well done indeed!

  5. Congratulations all Pakistanis but HATS OFF to BANGLADESH

    I was crying when Bangali Brothers were crying 🙁

    There were so close to their first ever Cup. Not only Asia Cup but any Cup …….

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