Pakistan To keep 20,000 Websites Blocked for its Cencorship Move

pakistan blocked sitesIt is always a decent way to follow the rules and regulations in whatever business you do, and when it as an online one, you need to take care of every word you post and every idea you share. It was recently seen that Pakistan, along with many other Muslim Countries like Iran, Libya, Egypt, including Saudi Arab blocked many services of Google in the countries, in retaliation to the  upload of Objectionable material on its Video sharing website, The YouTube.

The Issue

The action was taken on September 17, and since then, Many  Google services are blocked in the country including Google Documents and Play. The decision was taken on the grounds of the fact that Google denied the appeal that Pakistani Government, along with many other countries made to Google for the removal of disgraceful material been uploaded on their site, which was against the teachings of Islam and the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).


The denial was taken critically where the locals of the country started civil violence, burning their assets and banning the western products within the country.

innocense of Muslims

Taking a serious notice, The Government of Pakistan blocked 20,000 other sites along with YouTube.

According to the PTA(Pakistan Telecom Authority):

“We have blocked 20,000 objectionable websites and blogs since the blasphemous film surfaced on the Internet,” the anonymous official told PTI. “The PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) has not only blocked websites featuring the anti-Islam film but thousands of others with objectionable material.”

Although people are expecting this ban to be lifted up in near future, the Authorities have made it clear that:

“The ban on YouTube will continue as long as it does not remove the blasphemous film,” the official said. “Pakistan can take no chances on lifting the ban as people are not ready to accept this film.”


It seems that Google Team is working out in negotiating with countries that are upset with their denial as recently few of the services are available again in countries like Iran, Pakistan, say, their Play Store, the access to pages other than the first page in Google Image search. However, there are still grudges been felt among the natives of the country, who take the matter seriously and are still furious on the fact that their Beloved Prophet (pbuh) has had been given a negative image through the upload of a Movie, Xinhua, The innocence of the Muslims, an anti-Islam film that paints the prophet Mohammad as both a philanderer and a pedophile.

Google to Suffer?

On the other hand, without any doubts, Google is suffering with this immediate downfall within these countries, affecting the business severely. However, the team is not talking about how much loss has been resulted so far and also not ready to take down the controversial uploads.

Hoping for the things to turn into a stable one, but there is one thing for sure,  making thousands of appreciable uploads down for the sake of preventing only one upload is totally not wise, if situation is judged neutrally.

Let us see what the coming days bring for the countries-and-the Google Team.


5 thoughts on “Pakistan To keep 20,000 Websites Blocked for its Cencorship Move”

  1. Actually Some How It’s good that they have blocked the youtube in Pakistan… One suggestion is that why not pakistan is making something like youtube site??

    • Hie Sayeed,
      I recently landed up with the same debate in a meeting that i had with some officials. The drawback of the nation is they actually say no to alternatives and suffer in the end!

  2. one thing, people havent stopped using their services despite of the ban- proxies all the way
    second, the movies are their source of great revenue generation in non muslim countries
    plus isnt it so obvious that google simply doesnt care of the ban!

    • Exactly Lubna, The point still here is, there is no target been set,and then people talk about powerful democracies, blocking few IPs and letting the real dirt open is way a contradicting approach

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