Pair Yourself with a Freelancer and Double Your Profit!

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It’s important to know where you can make the full use of your capabilities, and there is no harm in asking for assistance if you once get to know that you can actually double your earnings. We have discussed almost all the fundamental techniques that can bring out a successful Freelancer in you. And now it’s the time to share some inside secrets to maximize the golden opportunity of making money with freelancing.

Save it somewhere in your mind please that freelancing is not only about writing articles, in fact it is something a little too bigger than that. Some other fields, apart from article writing are computer programming, web design, graphic design, video editing, video production, website development, event management, publishing, journalism, screenwriting, music, etc. Now, it’s really important to understand that a good writer can produce a good article all his own, but a good programmer or a web developer still needs a lot of improvement even in his masterpiece. This can be easily rectified if he finds a right person to assist him, after all programmers need programmers, just like codes need debugging!

The approach of having a partnership in freelancing might be on contrary to the typical snapshot we have in our minds of freelancing, that is it’s a one man show, with no partners and no boss. But it’s necessary to know how one can multiply his income with a factor of 2, or sometimes 3.

1. Follow a guide

teacherrToo much self – obsessed? There are people, who actually do not appreciate the idea of having a partner in business, for them, this is the only choice. All they need is to search a guru for themselves who can sit with them for some time in a week or so and can motivate, direct and correct them in their coding and design stuff. Always remember that there is always a room for improvement and you need others to show you the door, because according to the human nature, you will never be wrong for you. Mentors in your life can help you in increasing your efficiency and in the quality of your work.

There are successful developers who enjoy teaching the beginners and are available of many forums and communities, all you need is the right decision and a right person to choose and facilitate yourself.

2. Double the work – double the benefit!

partnersIntelligent businessmen always imply the two shift labor system in their laboring units. This is done by keeping in view of the fact that it’s lame to expect 100% efficiency by a worker, continuously for 16 hours a day. Similarly, being an individual owner of your freelancing business, how much work will you be able to manage at a time? You can only take one contract at a time, no matter how charming the other offer is. Think about having a co-worker, who captures the other market for you and works on it with your consent. You and your partner can double the profit for both of you, at the same time increasing the efficiency of your Freelancing. There is a possibility that both of you might sit at the same terminal and work together, doing two simultaneous tasks – Together!

3. 1 Genius + 1 Genius = 11 Geniuses

1111I have a firm belief in this one, probably because I have been benefitted by this strange math plenty of times! Consider the example of programming, web developing and web designing, assistanceyou need an assistance from the scratch of the idea of implementing, in debugging the errors in coding, in model designing, in unit testing, in short, having a helping hand at every stage of the work, minimizes your stress, your fatigue, and obviously saves your time. The final product is the outcome of two minds, making it more reliable and effective as you could have made it alone!

4. Learn – and – Teach!

teach and learnNormally, two are always better than one, if things are kept professionally. It really doesn’t matter whether you’re more skilled, or your partner is, both of you still gains something out of it. As a more skilled person you can always guide your partner in his tasks, improving your expertise at the same time. Conversely as a beginner, you can learn a great deal from your expert partner and can enhance your capabilities too. By the end of the day, both of you will find that it has proved better than you both would have done it alone!

5. Enjoy Two Tools at the Same Time

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It is possible that you and your partner might have a command on two different tools or languages, imagine the benefit. This means that if you can code software on C#, and your partner has a command on Android, together you both can work on two different freelancing contracts, sharing the total profit. Similarly, if your partner has got the domination in graphic designing and you work as a web designer, think of the profit this combination can produce!

So you see, freelancing is not only about doing your work all alone, you can make a great use of the online earning methodology and can generate much more having a partner in your freelancing Business. Try to be flexible enough to choose a way that turns out to be the best for you.


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