Top 5 Online Shopping Websites of Afghanistan–2012!

top 5 sitesNo matter what country people belong to, all of them have one thing in common – shopping. Now, when the hectic schedules of daily life has occupied every second of Human life, people are switching towards online Shopping methods. If you Google about online Shopping platforms, you will notice that this trend is more followed in developed countries like USA, where every citizen is a little too busy in life. However, un-developed countries like Afghanistan still consider the trips to Malls or Downtown Shopping Centers as a form of entertainment. This is one of the reasons that online shopping market in Afghanistan is really a very limited one. On the other side, due to the security issues in the country, many families avoid to visit public places for fun. There are only few afghan Websites that are actually providing the online shopping Facilities.

Here are the Top, and probably the only best Websites that are working to boost these new strategies of making life easy. is an Online Marketplace providing a powerful online platform for the sale of goods and services to the passionate community of individuals and small businesses. It’s the best and most popular online market place of Afghanistan that brings buyers and Sellers together by traditional Classified Advertising.

The site is updated with new items in different categories daily and offers a quick, easy and user friendly way for sellers to advertise their goods and services and for potential buyers to browse, search and find the goods and services and then purchase by contacting the sellers and negotiating the sale privately.

afghan-web is one of the best websites if Afghanistan with a better alexa ratings than others.(one of the top 10 websites of Afghanistan). It offers online shopping facilities to its customers and provides a variety of clothings, musics, books,etc.


Located in Dubai, AfghanOnlineBazaar is a website dedicated to all Afghans around the world; it highly portrays the Afghan culture and fashion. The designs that this site share, are new, beautiful, unique, and part of the best representatives of Afghan traditional attire, offering low prices comparatively at the same time.

afghan fashion

One of the best online automobile logistics services providers in Afghanistan, Walakbaba Co. LTD, is located in Herat(Shahr-e-Naw, Raft Market) and Kabul (Company Motarfroshi ha and Market-e-Tel), Afghanistan. It’s an international trading company which imports all types of vehicles and vehicle parts.


Walakbaba is also providing transportation service and with it you can get your imported trucks within 30 to 40 days from any European country.   

update:  We believe in providing the the most upgraded and relevant information to our viewers and so, as informed by our very own, Mr Jamal Mohabbi, Manager, Sales of the above mentioned site which was previously known with the domain name: has now been changed to “Afghanistan’s First Online Market” (AFOM).

My favorite, Afghanistan’s First Online Market (AFOM) is a highly well- maintained, online shopping Afghan Website. It provides its users almost everything they want to shop. From the new designs of clothing to the most trendy furniture and latest cell phones, online shop has everything to share.


These were the quick links for people who really want to know about the online Market of Afghanistan. Although there aren’t a variety of online markets, still many people in Afghanistan are becoming miser to use the service and saving their time, strength, money and may be life too!


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