10 Highest Online Paying Jobs in 2013

online earning jobs in 2013With an increasing rate of unemployment, people are now finding new ways to make money online from their living rooms which is no more a dream, thanks to the online medium and open platforms that offer a good package in general.

Earning online via your laptop or machine doesn’t requires  you to be a professional at all, in fact, you can cash any of your talent and adopt it as a major career!

Here are 10 interesting and highest-paying online earning jobs in 2013. Have a look!

1)Data Entry

The Work: You need to look out for people who want go digital to update their record daily, either you will be ask to enter the digits or the links to the specific word file or PDF document, so be prepared.

What you need on the table: Accuracy and typing speed is what you need with your favorite laptop.

Expect to earn: $5- $20/ hour

Sign on: Homewiththekids.com and craigslist hire regularly, you can also search over Google.

2)Content writer

The Work: Mostly people have thousands of words to write; here you can be of some help to them and to your pockets. You could simply write about casual things or create content for the websites of the companies. There are many sites signing up every day so writers are in huge demand.

What you need on the table: A talent to smartly express your idea and yourself concisely and meeting deadlines reliably. Companies normally need content in specific field so you can consider about selling yourself in your area of power.

Expect to earn: It varies with every project, the median pay for a full time content writer is $35,200 but here you have a potential to earn more than $60000

Sign on: Get yourself registered on contributor.yahoo.com that serves the high traffic of paid assigned content.


The Work: If you are good at grammar and have command over languages you can be the medium of conversation. All what you need to do is to translate document into another language. The global market for outsourced language services are almost $8 billion, so there’s money to be made.

What you need on the table: Ability to understand, fluency and writing tendency in multiple languages, don’t forget, more obscure the language, the higher the demand.

Expect to earn: $25 – $50/hour

Sign on: Get yourself available ontranslatorsbase.com or you can contact the human resource department of a foreign company.

4)Virtual Assistant

The work: You need to schedule meetings, event planning and general assistance in administration, bookkeeping or even sometimes arranging a cap for your boss.

What you need on the table: Excellent skills of time management and organizational attitude with cool mind so you can juggle a multitude of tasks.

Expect to earn: $10-$50/hour

Sign on: Sign on homewithkids.com, there are potential boss waiting to hire an assistant.

5)Call Center Employee

The work: You need to fix the appointment for either a duct cleaning services or record the complains /order of a product.

What you need on the table: It varies with the offers you get in a day and the portion of your commission.

Expect to earn: Normally it ranges between $15-$20/hour.

Sign on: Enroll to become an agent be signing ontoworkingsolutions.com, alpineaccess.com or liveops.com to get hire.


The work: This is a very good option if you got a huge mall near your vicinity or know people who want to sell their items but are too busy to find a buyer. Resell their stuff, it could be home to piles of books.

What you need on the table: Bargaining skills and experience of selling goods through auction and socialize enough to approach to big markets.

Expect to earn: Often 20-40% of total sale

Sign on: You can look upon ebaytradingassistant.com or spread the word across your friends that you can help them out selling.

7)Affiliate Blogger

The work: If you have been writing for long and have huge traffic visiting every day, the companies are ready to pay you to post their ads on your blog, appreciate it and take the offer.

What you need on the table: You need topics that attract huge traffic and audience that has connection with potential affiliates. Let’s just say if your blog is regarding fashion and styling, it’s perfect match for companies selling branded wearing accessories.

Expect to earn: Usually depend upon the number of clicks your audience hit on the posted ads.

Sign on: You can try to learn further tips and get ideas from earnersblog.com and bloggingtips.com.

8)Beauty Product Seller

The work: Have you ever thought about selling beauty products while sitting at home? You can join Alcone at home and sell their products to earn extra cash or you could sell even bunch of nail paints or foundation if you get them on sale easily. Earn the profit.

What you need on the table: Marketing material, makeup samples and companies willing to let you sell their products on your website.

Expect to earn: 10-40% of the sales commission.

Sign on: Search on Google or eBay for potential buyers


The work: You may find loads of companies ready to spent thousands over the quality. If you can develop an attractive app or a website within few days without compromising the quality you better step up for this field.

What you need on the table: Command over developing, a software engineers is more appreciated.

Expect to earn: $50-$70/hour

Sign on: Freelancer.com or Google the companies looking out for you.


The Work: You got answers for everything, that’s what you do! After you sign I as guru on a specific topic people consider you know everything and if they like what you say, they will ready to pay again to talk to you.

What you need on the table: Documented professional knowledge and expertise.

Expect to earn: It depends upon you; mostly it’s $5-$25.

Sign on: Register as guru either on ether.com or justanswer.com to find world of questions ready to pay you for the answers.


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  1. As always, Great post Nida 🙂
    I am myself a content writer but unfortunately i am not earning that much as mentioned in your post 😀
    It would be really helpful if you share a post regarding the available websites which offers great opportunity to writers from around the globe to write for them and earn instantly for their approved articles.

    Looking forward to more great posts like these 🙂

    God Bless U…

    • It is certainly a pleasure to hear from you Jahanzeb 🙂
      Long time brother!
      I have some similar topics which will soon be reaching out to you people so stay connected:)
      Good Day

  2. contributor.yahoo.com this site gives works for united states resident..i m in Pakistan how can i take benefits from this site…..

    • There is no legal way of doing this from here, that is, Pakistan. Their policies are quite strict and they only offer packages to U.S residents.
      Try other methods to make money online

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