Olympics 2012: Wang Mingjuan Takes Gold to China!

wang mingjuan won gold meadl in olympics 2012After the thrilling opening ceremony of the Olympic Games- 2012 London, the heat to win can be sensed in every stadium, where the players representing different nations are striving really hard to get the medal for their country this time. Olympics is an Event that provides an equal opportunity to men and women to show their talent and make their country proud.

Having the same intentions to take a Gold Medal for her country, its China’s great Wang Mingjuan who extended her 10 years unbeaten record in Weightlifting and won Olympic Gold in the 48kg Class this Saturday!

Wang turned out to be Lucky!

As Young as 26, Wang was lucky to be chosen this time, after being missed twice in 2004 and 2008 when priority was given to the reigning world champion Tian Yuan.
2012 however turned out to be lucky for her, at the first place and obviously for China itself too as This young soldier will now be taking a medal with her after the phenomenal performance in the weightlifting competition.

The Game was a Definite Victory!

As the competition started, hopes were diversified. Wang took on the pressure on herself initially, knowing how important it was for her. She first grabbed 88kg that saw the barbells come crashing to the ground to gasps from fans packed into the sell-out ExCel arena. The crowd was overwhelmed with such a magnificent performance, encouraging her for more power. It was obvious that the second effort demanded more out of her and she played it safe by nailing it with extra care.

wang having difficulty in olympics 2012

It soon became obvious that China has its road clear and as the only lifter left in the competition, Wang produced another incredible snatch at 91kg, which is really a huge weight for lifter having a body weight as of hers. It was a challenging move but it give her a 4kg superiority on her tough competitor from Japan, Hiromi Miyake.

The Results

Although all the weightlifters representing their countries on such a universal forum gave their best shots to make it up, however, as always, the three of them were given the medals.

It was the young 17 years old Sirivimon Pramongkhol from Thailand who almost made it for her bronze medal but was beaten by North Korean Ryang Chun Hwa by only 1kg, as she lifted 192kg, claiming the Bronze medal for North Korea.

Miyake, who has the privilege of being the daughter of Yoshiyuki Miyake, who himself won a bronze medal in 1968, was a real rival in the match. She claimed a silver medal with the second highest total of 197kg.

(120728) -- LONDON, July 28, 2012 (Xinhua) -- Gold medalist Wang Mingjuan (C) of China, silver medalist Hiromi Miyake (R) of Japan and bronze medalist Ryang Chun Hwa of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea attend the victory ceremony of women's 48kg weightlifting competition, at London 2012 Olympic Games in London, Britain, on July 28, 2012. (Xinhua/Chen Jianli) (nxl)

As obvious it was throughout the competition, her performance left no other option but to bring a Gold Medal for Wang as she made the highest total by lifting 205 Kg. having a wide smile on her face, hair roughly tied in a pony, this young lady claimed her Gold Medal, making the entire China proud of her!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0btH2BPWYg&w=400&h=225]

The victory has given new hopes to the former host of Olympics-2008, to win the Olympics of 2012 summer season.

Smart earning methods congratulate Wang and all the other participants for their efforts.

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