4 Social Media Sites You can Make Money with!

images (1)Technology has changed the lives of the people in a big way. It has enabled them to gather information from around the globe and stay in touch with their friends and relatives through the internet especially social media which has really been a revolution. It has evolved over the past few years from a source of fun and gossip among friends to playing a handy role in bringing political changes across different countries. But one aspect of social media still neglected by many is the financial turnaround it has brought in people’s life. Now you need not to have a large sum of money to start a business. You can do it with a PC and access to a social networking site.

Now we shall look at the impact of various social media sites in changing the financial destiny of people.

1. Facebook:

facebook and moneyFacebook can rightly be called the stepping stone in the social media revolution. A site that started out as a source of contact between college students now has millions of users. It has also become a source of making some serious money for people. It is now being used to promote blogs, websites, business (especially small businesses). People doing affiliate marketing are also using it as a tool for promotion.

Multi-nationals with an extensive marketing network are also benefitting from Facebook by creating pages of their products or services and putting promotional content on them. All this is done without spending a single penny.

On the other hand we have websites like ‘Zazzle’ working together with Facebook. You can create and design a product on ‘Zazzle’ without paying anything and then sell it on Facebook. Other websites like Ether and Music blaster are using the same concept as ‘Zazzle’.

2. Twitter:

twitter and moneyWhile highlighting the importance of Facebook, you cannot forget Twitter. With millions of users across the World, it provides a great marketing base to you to promote your blog or website. But beefing up your followers’ base is of prime importance while thinking of money making on Twitter. The higher the number of your followers, higher is your chances to make it big on Twitter.

Affiliate marketing is also made easy by Twitter. You just need to sign up with an affiliate marketing site and select a product to promote. You can then create a blog post along with a couple of landing pages about it. This can be your gateway to making money on Twitter.

3. Google+:

google-plus-200x224There isn’t much of a difference between Google + and the rest of the social media sites except for the fact that you can create circles of people belonging to different demographics and cultures and target them custom-made marketing messages. This is a nice way of determining what works for whom.

You can also create a group on Google+ like a fan page on Facebook to market your product. Here you can provide the details of your products or services along with reviews and coupons.

People who are good at programming can also create an app for Google+ and submit it Apple iOS and the android market. If your app is liked by the users, it will be downloaded by a large number.

4. LinkedIn:

linkedinLinkedIn is different from other social media sites in a way that it is primarily a site for professionals to connect with each other. It helps professionals in sorting out problems in a big way. You just need to create a ‘group’ on LinkedIn where different professionals can come and share their knowledge.

Another feature that is essential for the professionals is ‘Recommendations’. You can put recommendations of your work or business from your clients and colleagues. This is helpful for all those looking to expand their businesses and willing to achieve new heights in their careers.

With all that been shared, we hope that you now use the above stated social media correctly and enjoy some considerable income.


12 thoughts on “4 Social Media Sites You can Make Money with!”

  1. Nida sis , Today , instead of top ten boring topic you have wrote on a different topic . I discovered many things after reading this great article .
    hahahaha ,, As per my father , Facebook is just a waste of time . Now , I would suggest this article to my Abu Jaan .

    • Hie Haroon,
      Sorry about the fact that you find top 10 series boring but we have been hearing from different readers to have more on top 10, therefore we try to keep a balance.

      Yes, definitely Facebook is a great money making tool, if you use it that way 🙂

  2. Social Media is the impressive to make money online specially with Facebook and Twitter. As i said in my previous comments, i am a regular reader of your blog. What you are exploring in such a manner, is really called pure blogging. I don’t want to say thanks again but it is necessary to give the credit for your hard working. Thanks!

  3. Facebook is best method to make money through affiliate marketing. I personally tried promoting different products through Facebook advertising and earned handsome revenue.

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