Why You Should Not Use Fiverr In 2016

For all fiverr users, here comes a news. Why You Should Not Use FiverrFiverr in 2016, may not serve as it used to so any hopes with it, might  hurt hopes.Fiverr is one of popular website of today’s life and therefore is currently being used by many people to post gigs and services they are willing to complete. At the end of completion of these gigs, the individual gets paid five dollar which they further can withdraw from PayPal. But, a lot of people are facing challenges using Fiverr and are highlighting many of its drawbacks on a daily basis. Some of the main reasons why one should stop using Fiverr in 2016 are as followed!

Why no fiverr in 2016

High sum of commission

Fiverr in 2016 High sum of commission

The revenue generated by Fiverr is usually from the commission people have to pay from their earnings. They usually take twenty percent of the total income a person generates which is completely unfair. This may not be it because once your earnings has been cut off by Fiverr, PayPal also charge their commission as well so you may not have enough money by the time you withdraw it. Moreover, you can only withdraw money from PayPal if you have cleared the safety clearance period of fourteen days which may become highly inconvenient if you are in need of quick cash.

High spamming rate

High spamming rate

Fiverr is usually full of cheaters, frauds and spammers. There are many gigs and services offering thousands of dollars alongside LinkedIn connections, twitter followers and Facebook fans but most of the times these offers are not genuine and highly absurd. They may also ask for illegitimate ways to complete the task which may harm reputation of any individual. Many people have fake accounts on Fiverr as well which is unfair for genuine users.

High outlooks of the individuals

High outlooks of the individuals

When people first make their account on Fiverr, thy may become amazed by the stuff they can do for only five dollars and may hope for earning hundreds of dollars at the end of the month. It is therefore very important for people to remember how much that five dollar is going to cost and must keep their expectations and beliefs at that exact level.



A quick search for doing a gig may show you hundreds of results at the same time. Many of these tasks are offered by the people who are mostly illegitimate, irresponsible and have very little experience. Although buyers have options to filter their searches and sort the services according to their demand, desire, rate and popularity but the default settings are still automatic. This may make it hard for you to find gigs of your choice.  There are many people doing the exact same thing which is very confusing and challenging for the buyer and decreases the sale of genuine users.

No feedback

No feedback in fiverr

Illegitimate and fake feedbacks may be ruining for anyone’s reputation. This is the same for Fiverr and one bad response is enough to get your character in ruins. This will also decrease your chances to score more services and may put you at the bottom search engine at this web page.

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