6 Things NOT to Do on Facebook as a Brand

not to do on facebookEarning with Facebook has recently become an effective method to make money online. All you need to do is to take care of few minute things and you can make some considerably large amount of money on Facebook with the marketing of a brand, product or celebrity,

Here are 6 NOT to be done things that can be a hurdle in the business, affiliate to Facebook Brand Marketing.

Don’t create a profile page for business:

Creating a profile page instead of a brand page is the irk mistake done by most of the businesses. As Facebook was formed on personal profiles, many businesses think profile page is a suitable place to promote their brand. But this is wrong; Facebook Profile is not created for such purposes rather it is intended for personal networking and interactions. For business ideas, Facebook Page is proposed where you can perform all build out activities.
I noticed this mistake many times while doing competitive study for Media persons. Numerous celebrities were having personal profiles instead of exposed pages. Facebook Profiles are open to extremely limited features, have friend caps, need you to manually consent friends and are bunged off from the rest of the Web. Whereas, Brand Pages are open to everyone, and allow everyone to like and promote the brand. Hence a Brand Page is an actual medium to foster your business rather than creating a Facebook Profile.

Don’t conceal your wall for interaction:

For sure many of you are making use of social media sites like Facebook to connect with others, capturing your potential clients, share your work, play around, and maybe even try your hand in getting jobs through them. To do all that, you need to let them converse and share with you on your wall. It’s necessary to turn on your wall functionally to enter in social media.
Even as you don’t want to share too much, leaving all personal information out of your profiles to defend your privacy can put you in the same league as colleagues who show up for casual Friday in a business suit. If you want a social existence, allow yourself to be social. Allow people to write on your wall, share their stuff, even to upload their relevant content. This may bring up something constructive or beneficial for you or your brand.

Don’t interact without a plan:

Although Social media is informal, but single unplanned step can make your efforts worthless. Informal does not mean that you can pop up or pop out anytime without reporting, it reflects your unprofessional conduct. You need to construct a social media plan that will state the natures of content and conversations you’ll be using Facebook to push. Just the once you identify what you’re anticipating to get out of it, structure content around it. Know how frequently you should be posting, what days of the week get the most goings-on, and the types of material that people like to share.

Don’t leave your page for Death:

Another bonus of having an interaction plan is that you can protect your page to die a pathetic social media death. Besides posting regularly in order to hold the customers’ attention, it is necessary to share engagement-worthy content. Everything you put out must receive a quality feedback. People must apt to comment/like and share your content. Because of that, it is important to present something that is meaningful.

Don’t be confrontational:

Be cautious! Never resort to exchange blows with your fans on facebook. Being argumentative and quarrelsome with your customers can hurt you poorly. Well some big Brands have made this blunder like Nestle, Cooks Source Magazine but you can be smarter than all of them. You must be enough courageous to face criticism and reply of all those negative comments in such a persuasive manner that opponents must amend their views.

Don’t be tedious:

Doing same thing on Facebook everyday makes everyone to turn off your page. You need to be little creative here. In order to indulge your customers with you, keep your page active. You can use Facebook to ask questions, post pictures, upload relevant videos, have contests, and poll your audience and the upmost thing to consider is your attitude, be frank and sociable with your clients. Remember, if you have a dynamic and appealing Facebook page, you will never be dragged off unobserved by your customers.

Hope that the above stated tips help you out as effectively as they have had helped many of the pro-earners, following similar strategy,

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