“Not Satisfied with the Privacy Control of Facebook”, Sean Parker!

Sean Parker  privacy control issueWhat you create today can be a disaster for you tomorrow if future possibilities are not predicted beforehand. Something very similar has had happened with Sean Parker, the first president of Facebook and one of the Young billionaire entrepreneurs on earth. The man who has been contributing in the online social platforms developments including Napster computer services for file sharing, the founder of Plaxo, Causes and Airtime, is now not happy with a disaster he has created, which surely is a privacy threat to people associated with it. Parker, though having the slightest idea of the situation from the start has now spoken out in the world, expressing his words by writing a 9000+ word document to TechCrunch.com where he has explained how dangerous social media can be in terms of harming your online reputation and turning you into a public figure.

What Made Sean Parker Hate Social Media?

sean parker wedding fine for redwoods

The issue came into notice when Sean Parker was brutally criticized for causing damage to the Redwood Trees that he used to fill the backyard of Big Sur Hotel for his wedding ceremony. Despite of investing millions to make it a worth-attending event for his 300+ guests, he is still till facing strong criticism from people who once adored him for his services. Adding worst to it, the newlywed couple is fined $2.5million and will be paying the amount to Mother Earth/California regulators.

What Parker has to say on it?

Defending his marriage and claiming it to be a private affair, Sean Parker said:

facebook privacy control issueWe chose a setting for our wedding that was a literal expression of our search for sanctuary: a place that was safe, private, and intimate. We chose a remote location (Big Sur), invited no press, and did our best to conceal that location from the press. We didn’t court attention – quite the opposite, we asked guests to check their cell phones and cameras at the door and we didn’t sell our photos to tabloids.

However, despite of all measures taken to ensure privacy, the news caught fire on Facebook only where his wedding became more of a controversial topic. Admitting about the privacy issues of Social networking sites, Parker also said:

Regardless, I can’t escape the feeling that there is a kind of cosmic irony at work here. Readers of this publication are likely familiar with my career in the technology sector. I have spent more than a decade creating products built on the premise that the democratization of media was a good thing, that self-publishing, the free sharing of information, and the removal of the media “gatekeepers,” would all lead to a freer, more open media—with the implied assumption that this was a “better” media. I practiced what I preached, both talking about and designing systems around the core belief that empowering people with the tools to more freely access and share information – be it music, links, photos, text, or any other form of media – could only make the world a better place.

Now that the less-private network has caused the owners of the idea a serial problem to deal with, a good news might soon be hitting your doors, offering you a better privacy program that would ensure that you share what you really want with the world.

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