Nine Mistakes Doctors Should Avoid During Their Practice


Life in medicine is as tough one can never imagine. You create a thin line between life and death by the will of God and then by your skills. One mistake can transport one should from body to other part leaving the patient dead with grieving family around it. There are many mistakes which have been identified yet still they occur done by doctors unintentionally which causes fatal damage to the life of others.

1) Misdiagnosed


One should only diagnose the correct disease only when all the test reports have been thoroughly read and went through the protocol or else the consequences of this mistake can cause pain, money and even death of the loved ones.

2) Delayed Response

Delayed Response

During the hospital working conditions some patients which seem normal when they enter requires the most of your attention at correct time so that their life could be saved every patient should get attention without actually showing the emergency symptoms all the time.

3) Child Birth Injuries

Child Birth Injuries

The most precious gift by god to human kind is in the form of offspring the next generation which will carry its name. However they are so fragile and delicate that a minor mistake leaves a permanent mark on small baby life.

4) Pre -Natal Negligence

Pre -Natal Negligence

Mothers are strong before and even after the child birth however they need the best care ever provided to them during the gestation period one wrong step can lead to miscarriage or even death of baby.

5) Medication Errors

Medication Errors

Medication dosage can become a lethal weapon if not given properly. Correct dose, timings and concentration is of eminent importance to take care of.

6) Surgical Errors

Surgical Errors

One wrong move can cause life in this medical field like we saw many deaths just by cutting of a major artery and lots of life saving blood in the hands of surgeons. Thus during surgery as a medical fractioned you need to realize you can’t make mistake.

7) Anesthesia Error

Anesthesia Error

Anesthesia which is induced for the relief of patient at times relief the patient of the soul they posses. Contraindications should be followed along with minimal dosage to achieve optimum result without the fear of lethal dosage.

8) Negligence During Child Birth

Negligence During Child Birth

This problem has existed even before the inception of proper medicine and till date. What doctors at times don’t realize is the importance of care that they have to take for the sake of mother and baby both for their safety and long term benefit.

9) Getting Too Much Attached

Getting To Much Attached

Taking care of patient is the utmost important duty of doctors however there are at times doctor patient relationship crosses the professional bond and gets on the wrong ends which at times also affects the sills of doctor and also his ability to treat.

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