10 New Year Resolutions that You can Make for 2013

2013 new year resolutionsTime surely flies, and 2012 is a true example for this. It seems that it just started yesterday and now it has ended, leaving the world with the hoped on enhancements in every field of life. Whether it be business, economy, relationship or technology, 2012 has opened new doors for every field which would serve humanity and the world for the rest of upcoming years. 2012 was really special for our STC-Network as we provided a platform to our potential readers who could find new ways to make money online and keep themselves updated with the latest happenings around the world. Now that we have stepped into 2013, It is highly advisable to set some codes for life. Here are 10 best resolutions that can help you in contributing in the welfare of the world, even if you choose one and stick to it, you can bring a great change, not only in your life, but in the lives of your loved ones.

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1)Quit drinking

quit drinking
It is possible! Quit drinking may sounds hard but tapering gradually may help smokers not to get fail you quit cold turkey. There is a world of supporters, advisors, treatment programs, helpers and Pittsburg Alcoholic Anonymous who offers meetings and helps you to abandon drinking. You try your best and believe in you that you can quit!

2)Get Organized

get organized

Confusions, mess ups, misunderstandings, forget or got late in meetings are all outcomes of being deficient in organizing life. A simple life turns into hell and complicated and you seems you entangled where everything goes wrong is because you lack to organize. Let’s not make lives complicated anymore, plan out your meetings, work, hangouts and many more. If you cannot do it on your own you can go for professional organizers or can hire a personal assistant.

3)Take More Time For Family and Friends

get time for friends and family

We neglect the most important part of life our entire lives and keep running after money our career and that is none other than family and friends. Your family and friends are like backbone with whom you can share and trust on them blindly. Keep intimate strong bonds with them and for that you need to give them time, create new memories and share love, let them know they are important for you, sometimes somewhere money can’t buy everything.

4)Enjoy Life

enjoy life
Money, degrees, certificates that’s all seems matter to many of us and for that we never realize that we are letting go one thing that is “FUN”. Are you sure you are going to live tomorrow? Life is too short, you don’t know about tomorrow, then why to work hard and crack nuts for something that you are not sure of? Learn to enjoy, find reasons to laugh because mental stability and happy living will let you live every moment. Enjoy the little things in life because one day you will look back, and realize they were big things.

5)Stay Healthy

stay healthy
Are you going to stay healthy after eating junk foods, snacks, soft drinks, can foods or eating in five star restaurants? No! Because they don’t care about your calorie intake, stay healthy so you do not die early because of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and gastrointestinal problems. Measure you calorie burn and intake, exercise daily, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, avoid eating out and enjoy healthy life.

6)Help Others

help someone
It is a popular, non selfish New Year’s resolution. You do not always need to have certificated or money in return of working others sometimes a helping with good intentions can make you win many hearts, which is a healthy food for happy soul. Volunteer at different places to help poor, donate for a good cause or you can also give away furniture, clothes, household items to people that can use them rather than leaving them out by curb to fill our landfills.

7)Tame the bulge

tame the bulge
If your BMI exceeding 25 than you are definitely over weight and if it exceeds the limit of 27 than you definitely need to worry because you are getting obese and welcoming CVD and Diabetes to enter into your life. You definitely need to tame your bulge. Stick to a weight loss programs, diet on regular basis, promise yourself to exercise everyday and let’s made a commitment to shed weight and have a flat tummy by next year.

8)Get Out of Debt

make yourself debt free
Promise yourself not to take anymore loans or lean money from friends. This practice will help you getting over your debts soon and not drowning you into further loss.

9)Learn Something New

learn something new
World is full of reagents all what you need is to experiment. Open your gates of learning because learning new things are fun of living. You will find education to be one of the easiest, you can also learn to cook, sew, computers, languages, art, music or anything that makes you feel productive to society. Make your existence worthy of living and make it beneficent for mankind.

10)Fit in the Fitness

fit in the fitness
What is getting more impossible everyday in our daily schedule is time for us. We don’t care what we eating and some people do not even care how they look. If you stay healthy,  than only you can be there for your family. Eat healthy, follow daily exercise as studies shows it reduces weight, acquiring diseases like diabetes mellitus, enhances mood, lowers blood pressure and many more. Commit yourself to look healthy and fresh this year.

Just like every year of life, this one has ended too, leaving us with memories that would be a part of our lives forever, Try learning from the mistakes that made you suffer in 2012 and apply your lessons in the upcoming life. Life is short, live it happily Smile

Wishing you a very happy new year,

Best Wishes,

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