Google Announces 3 New Nexus Devices With Android 4.2

GoogleWell well, look what we’ve got here. Google announced three new Nexus devices last week, along with a new version of its OS, the Android 4.2. It is worth noticing that Microsoft recently did a twin launch too of their Surface tablet and the latest Windows 8. Not far behind is Apple with its new iPad 4 and the iPad mini. So apparently, ‘somebody’ decided not to be left behind by anybody else, so they came up with not one or two, but three new devices, along with an OS update. So everyone’s trying to re-enter the market with a bang. Who will have the biggest, only time can tell. But what has Google got to offer this fall? Let’s take a look at the plethora of their new devices!

Google Nexus 4

The Nexus 4 is a smartphone manufactured by LG. And it is one hell of a phone. It features a 4.7 inch screen, with a stunning resolution of 768 x 1280 (318 ppi). It features a 8/16 GB storage, and 2 GB of RAM. And it comes with a fast 1.5 GHz quad-core processor. Another great feature is the Lumia 920-inspired wireless charging, and HDMI output. And at $299-$359, this smartphone is quite reasonably priced.

Google Nexus 7

The Nexus 7 is an Asus-made small 7 inch screen tablet that packs 1280 x 800 pixels, and is powered by a powerful quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 chip. It has a 1 GB RAM and storage options for 16, 32 and 64 GB, just like the iPad. But unlike the iPad, it is priced between $199 to $299, which is again a great price for a quad-core 7 inch tablet that can run 10 hours without charging.

Google Nexus 10

And finally, for the heavy-weight tablet made by the heavy-weight company Samsung. The Nexus 10 packs a mighty punch in its 10.1 inch screen with a resolution of 2560 x 1600, which makes it more pixels than the new iPad with Retina Display. It comes with a 2 GB RAM, as compared to the iPad’s 1 GB, and has the standard 16/32/64 GB storage options. It has a 5 MP back camera (same as iPad’s) and a 1.9 MP front facing camera (better than the iPad’s). The Nexus 10 is powered by a fast and powerful 1.7 GHz Dual-core Cortex A15 chip. And a 9000 mAh battery means it will last around 0 hours as well on a full charge.

Google nexus

Android 4.2

And now, for the OS driving all these devices. Interestingly, Google hasn’t given Android 4.2 a different candy codename. Instead, it has been dubbed as a ‘flavor of jelly bean’. And this new flavor does add some charm. It features the Photo Sphere app by default, which lets you capture 360 degree photos. Additionally, it now features Gesture Typing, which means you can now just write out texts using Swype.

Google is obviously trying to make a bigger mark in the industry than its other two competitors. And with its lower prices, it might just as well do that. Such competition is bound to bring down prices all over. But whatever way the battle ensues, I am sure tech enthusiasts who love their tablets will have an exciting time choosing between the three. This fall has been a treat for us all! 🙂

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