All You Need To Know About the New Facebook Timeline

Facebook new TimelineSo, Facebook has announced that it is going to roll out a new Timeline Layout. Now, I know some of you might be saying, “There we go again! Why wouldn’t Facebook let us be?” And your exasperation is justified. Especially since Facebook’s last attempt to meddle with user profile designs left some bitter-sweet sentiments among users. Some liked it (I plead guilty!) – others didn’t. Well, what we are looking at here today might cheer up more people than it’d offend. Facebook is again changing the Timeline layout. So what’s it gonna be?

This time around, Facebook has taken the liberty to convert profiles to the new layout on its own. Users no longer have the option of installing it or not. But coming from Facebook, I think this much can be expected. But besides that, this layout will be freely made available to all users, unlike the Graph Search where you have to sign-up first.

So what’s new?

First of all, this new layout is a lot more organized. The previous one was a two-column layout where people often tended to miss out on some posts because they were concentrating on one column only. And those posts were arranged haphazardly too. But now (and I’ve been waiting for this from a long time!), you have only one column with all your posts in order.

facebook timeline layout

All the boxes that appear below your cover photo, such as Photos, About, Likes, Music etc have now moved to the left side. The focus here is on the apps you like. If you use apps like Netflix or Flixter, the movies or music or books (or other such content) that you like and share appear in this left sidebar. Content from apps like Pinterest and Instagram will also appear on your profile.

This new design is oriented more towards mobile design. It is aimed at providing a cleaner interface for both desktop and mobile devices. Facebook really wants to keep its inertia going, doesn’t it? Anyways, if you have gotten this layout already, do share your comments with us. And if not, then you will surely get it withi the next two weeks. So stay tuned 🙂