Facebook offers new Conversion Tracking and Ad Optimization Tools for better Advertising

new Facebook marketing toolsFacebook continues on with its array of new tools and features, as it launches some new marketing tools for businesses. It has gone a long way out to introduce new features and tools, such as Graph Search, Developers Live, Video and Voice Calling, and more. This time around, Facebook has introduced some new tools and features to help marketers and advertisers. For businesses that advertise with Facebook, there were already some features available, such as the ability to track the popularity of ads, and to see how well they are doing. Now, Facebook has just released two brand new tools for optimizing targeted ads, and for conversion tracking.


The ad-optimization tool will allow advertisers to optimize their targeted ads according to the behavior of people who click on them. For example, people who click on, or view iPad ads will be delivered optimized iPad ads more often. You can see the option to use Optimized CPM when you create or edit your ads, and go into the pricing section. Depending on your budget, you can make a choice on each individual advertisement.

Conversion tracking

Conversion tracking is a tool that will generate reports for the action(s) people are performing in response to your ads. Tracking pixels can be added to other sites where the conversion is actually going on. You can use these pixels, for example, to gauge the number of people who participate in a competition, or subscribe.

To create a conversion pixel, just follow these simple steps.

  • Log into your Facebook account, and go into the ad section from your left sidebar.
  • Click on Choose Conversion Tracking, and then select the Create Conversion Pixel option, again from the left sidebar. You have arrived at your destination. You will prompted to accept some terms of service, which you should accept (naturally).
  • Conversions can include things such as users registering for something, checking-out, adding something to cart, and so on. You can create a conversion pixel for each type of the conversions listed (see the image below).

create pixels

  • Now, you will be given a code snippet which you can add to the header of the page you want to track conversion on. It is recommended that you don’t use multiple pixels on the same page, such as tracking registrations and check-outs on the same page.

Now, to add tracking to Facebook adverts, you can go into the ad section, and look for an option named ‘Creative’, or ‘Campaign, Pricing, and Schedule’. In these options, you will be able to see a ‘Track conversions on my website for this ad’ option. This will let you choose which tracking pixel you want to associate with a particular advert. You will now start getting track reports regarding your conversions.

These tools really can help a business, small or big, to make the most bang out of its Facebook advertising buck. It could help them see what ads are doing a good job, and what ad dollars are going down the drain. For small businesses, these tools can prove to be an invaluable source of information, and could help them make more intelligent decisions. If you don’t like Facebook targeting you with ads as a user, you can simply choose to ignore such ads. Cheers 🙂

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