Net Worth of Peyton Manning in 2016

net worth of Peyton ManningPeyton Manning is a name that does not need an introduction indeed. All the football fanatics are quite aware of the talent and the tactic that he uses to be one of the greatest athletes of the world. from all these characteristics, one can easily judge the amount of money he generates out of his talent. But to give a more accurate and closer picture of Manning’s net worth, here is a description that would definitely touch all the factors related to the fortune made by him.

Manning’s Net worth- A Closer Look

 Manning's net worth acloser look

At the very beginning of the year 2016, the total net worth of Peyton Manning is estimated to $228 million. He has been such a consistent and devoted player throughout his career that this figure gives a well-deserved picture to all his fans and followers out there. The major sources that make him a millionaire include his basic salary as a quarterback, yearly bonuses, endorsement deals and other investment income. Since 1998 to 2011, Manning was a part of Indianapolis Colts. He currently plays for Denver Broncos of National Football League as one amazing quarterback. Manning has made to win Superbowl XLI and Superbowl 50 throughout his career.

Peyton Manning Salary

The main source that has brought the digits of Manning’s net worth to such a height is his salary from his game. In the year 1998, when he joined Indianapolis Colts to start off with his sports career, he earned an annual income of $3 million including salary and bonuses. He continued to grow his salary on a regular basis and this figure reached to a $15 million in the year 2003. After on eof the greatest wins belonging to Manning, Superbowl XLI was the one which boosted his annual salary to $21 million. As of 2015, Manning’s annual total of salary and bonuses reached to $17 million which makes the major part of his current net worth.


Manning’s Net worth-- Brand Endorsements

Another major source that adds up as a great part of total net worth of Peyton Manning is his brand endorsements. According to a survey, his worth is boosted by $157 million in these endorsement deals since 1998. He has been associated with world’s big names like DirecTV, Buick, Nationwide and Gatorade. Other brands entitlements are Reebok, Nike, Papa John’s, ESPN, Sprint and Master Card. As of the year 2015, Manning earned an estimated amount of $12 million for endorsements, adding as 69% of Manning’s salary to his estimated net worth.

Income From Investment

Manning’s Net worth-Income From Investments

Peyton Manning is always found to be a smart investor since 1998 when he started off with this game of investment and earning. He also faced the financial crisis of 2001 and 2008 but a relatively large and better impact was found to be made by him in 2012 when he became the owner of 21 Papa John’s Pizza restaurants in Denver.

As of 2015, Manning earned a total of $18 million form the investments. Cutting out the taxes and other charges from manning’s worth, his lifetime income from investment has been estimated to $35 million.

Taxes and Expenses

Talking about the payment of taxes, Manning has paid a total of $172 million in taxes that means he faces 5% in state and local taxes. Other major expenses from his total net worth including sports agents, cost of living, marketing managers and other staff add up to make 15% of Manning’s income. His 2015’s expenses are estimated to $4 worth of Peyton Manning

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