Net Worth of Donald Trump in 2020

Networth of Donald Trump in 2016Do you know the man who has got that unique characteristic of being highly conscious of his wealth and what his people think or estimate about it? Does that ring a bell? Yes, he is none other than Donald Trump of America who is quite famous not only for his net worth but his own stance on his worth. Often been criticized for his views on democracy and politics in the United States of America, Donald Trump is now known to be one of the most discussed icon over the internet. Good or bad, rumors have no say or involvement in the wealth he actually enjoys.  As in 2015, Trump once gave a statement to have a net worth of almost ten billion dollars. But the reality was disclosed by Forbes in October 2015 in a report which turned the ten billion (as told by Trump) to an estimated $4.5 billion.

Forbes editor Randall Lane said:

“After interviewing more than 80 sources and devoting unprecedented resources to valuing a single fortune, we’re going with a figure less than half that — $4.5 billion, albeit still the highest figure we’ve ever had for him.”

What makes it noticeable here is the figure is not even half of what trump had revealed. This says a lot about Trump’s passion for being rich and being popular for his riches. Lets have a much closer look at his net worth.

Donald Trump and His Net Worth- A Closer Look

net worth of Donald Trump

As we all know that Donald Trump is a famous name both in business and television market in America. He makes it to be one highly professional and experienced souls of the present time. As an inspiration from his father, Trump continued to work in the real estate business and made it his passion. Today he owns the big name like the Trump Organization. The man is generally known as one craziest being in the business scene of America. Besides his real estate thing, he appeared in a reality TV show Apprentice which also played a key role in his renown.

Donald Trump and his New York Properties

Categorically, the first place regarding Trump’s assets and properties is none other than New York. The overall estimate of his New York assets is $2.18 billion according to Forbes.

Trump Tower

Donald Trump Property Tower

Trump Tower is not only a property that belongs to Donald Trump but a name that has become a benchmark in the career of this man. The net value of Trump Tower is $530 million.

1290 Ave of Americans

Donald Trump 1290 Ave of Americans

Although Trump has got 30 percent share in this project but he owns it more than anything in the world. Its net worth is $471 million.

 Trump Park Avenue

Donlad Trump Park Avenue

One other big name associated with him is Trump Park Avenue whose estimated net worth is $204 million.

Other Properties

Other properties include Trump International Hotel and Tower, Niketown, Trump plaza, Trump Parc East and 40 Wall Street.

Trump’s Dearest Collection

Donald Trump Dearest Collection

Trump has got a unique and exclusive taste in collecting things that satisfy his interests. He has got a Trump Tower Penthouse, two 1989 Sikorsky S-76B Helicopters (worth $2 million), one 1991 Boeing 757 and lastly a beautiful 1997 Cessna 750 citation X. All these sum up to make an estimated worth of $162 million.

Golf Clubs

Golf CLubs of Donald Trump

Trump’s love for Golf is quite evident from his vast collection of golf clubs at different locations. The biggest one is in Los Angeles which is worth $93 million. Other golf clubs owned by Trump include Briarcliff Manor, West Palm Beach, Bedminister, Colts Neck, Charlotte, Washington and also outside USA. These golf clubs have a got a value of $366.6 million in total.

Other than these major properties and assets, Donald Trump has got some amazing venues like Seven Springs Bedford, Trump Las Vegas, Trump International Hotel and Tower, Doral Miami, DC Post office, Trump Hotel Collection and many other in the list. All these estimate to a net value $1.78 billion.

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