The Net Worth of Anderson Cooper In 2016

Net worth of Anderson CooperIf you are his fan too and want to know more about him, you have surely landed up on the right place. Anderson Cooper was born on June 3rd 1967. He is famous for being a celebrated author, journalist and a television personality. He is the sole anchor of CNN news with his own show called Anderson Cooper 360o. His programs from CNN news usually airs from studios of New York City but for Anderson Cooper the program goes live from his current location in order to give breaking news stories. Anderson Cooper has also hosted his own eponymous syndicate daytime talk show called Anderson Live from 2011 to 2013.

In America, Anderson Cooper is known as a facsimile of the uprising generation of journalists who are working very hard to redefine their professions. Anderson Cooper has changed journalism by giving world class breaking stories without ever attending a journalism class. Though his sexual preferences are different but he is not afraid to talk about it openly and does not hesitate to share the name of his boyfriend in public as well.

Net worth of Anderson Cooper

Net worth of Anderson Cooper

The ancestors of an Anderson Cooper especially from his mother’s side were very rich. His mother was also an actress plus a lavish fashion designer who made a significant contribution in proliferation of blue jeans. One of his great grandfathers Cornelius Vanderbilt was the founder and owner of a profitable shipping as well as railroad company. His grandparents Reginald Claypool Vanderbilt and Gloria Morgan Vanderbilt were also the most prominent billionaires of their time in the society. Most of their wealth was given to Gloria who was the mother of Anderson Cooper. The total net worth of Anderson Cooper is about hundred billion dollars which is though less than his mother’s but is enough to include him in Forbes list of richest people in the world. Most of his earnings are due to his involvement in media and the fact that he belonged to a very rich family. He first appeared into a talk show when he was only three years old after which he also started modeling and doing commercials with renowned agencies like Ford Models, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Macy’s.

Net worth of Anderson Cooper

He wanted to be more than just a model, therefore he started his studies and graduated from Yale University and became a degree holder in the field of political sciences. He then later decided to become a journalist after which he worked really hard to get this blessed.

Achievements and personal life of Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper has been rewarded with Bronze Telly awards, Emmy Awards, GLAAD Media Award, National Headliner Award, Peabody Award, National Order of Honour and Merit award for outstanding TV journalism, outstanding live coverage of a breaking news story, coverage of a major news event, outstanding feature story in a regularly scheduled newscast, outstanding coverage of a current business news story in a regularly scheduled newscast and outstanding individual achievement in a craft: lighting direction & scenic design.

Anderson Cooper is currently dating a guy named Benjamin Maisani who is a gay bar owner and is in a relationship with him for over 7 years now. He decided to come out of closet himself when the government legalized same se marriage in 2011. Anderson Cooper has currently bought a very expensive and lavish house where he is residing with his boyfriend and living a stunning life.

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